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Hello everyone, I bought my Z in 2007 in New Mexico for 600 bucks with what appeared to be not much rust ( and it still is a fairly rust free car). It ran when I put a little fuel in the lines and I did a bit of work to drive it back to houston. Got it back to town and funds dried up after I couldn't get it to pass the state safety inspection. Fast forward to now and things and great I got most of the parts on the surface that I thought I would need.


Today the brakes were bled, the back were easy but when I got to the front the front brakes wouldn't bleed. The brakes now have pressure, they didn't have pressure till I bled the back brakes and this was one of the reasons why it didn't pass inspection on top of the wind shield wipers not working.


Any hints or tips I was thinking of running air through the lines to clear a possible blockage.


Tomorrow I am doing a radiator flush, and sunday I am doing the popular windshield wiper motor replacement with a acura integra motor.


Mondays plan is to start her up and get her to pass inspection( then it will be body work and interior )



The brakes were also stuck when I tried to move the car, a little work with a rubber hammer soon had them free,  pictures will be up as soon as I can find the folder I put them in.



Please people enjoy the thread as I refresh my 240z


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Sounds pretty good.  I'm in NM and I bought my Z (one of them) for $600 bones too...  Mines the opposite, brakes no workee..  I'm going to replace the lines and the MC with the ZX 7/8" version and then go for the silvermine vented S8w toyota calipers and Mustang calipers in the rear.  hopefully that won't be too difficult to get brakes functioning.


Anyway, Looking forward to your build. Uhm.. Where's the pictures?

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