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Tabco - Hatch area replacement part

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FYI - Just spoke to Tabco to order a rocker panel and was told that the horizontal panel that is just above the tail lights is now available.  Not sure what you call it.  It is not on the website.  The website has not been updated in a long time.  I don't think it's available anywhere else.



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I ordered the slam panel piece that goes under the hatch a few months ago but haven't gotten around to putting it in yet. It looks like a good fit when I lay it over the other one though. He said he was interested in making more body panels for the z if he could get a hold of decent parts to scan. I may send my battery tray if I make a lower one to give back to the cause.

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Z car Source had Tabco lower door panel repair sections in stock.

They are in Phoenix and might have the others.

I wasn't expecting much in terms of fitment, but the fit was actually spot-on.

Not directly related to your other panel, but worth a check with Zcarsource.com to see if they have in stock.


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