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  1. Last run of donation shirts, I bought a few shirts and a Zip Up Hoodie. After unpacking I found it and actually put it on. I like my hoodies roomy, but the XXL was a bit too large even for me. If anyone wants it for free, just pay shipping. I can upload a picture later. Message me or if your Northern Cali, come get it.
  2. Anyone have a preferred carrier to ship vehicles cross country? Found a few brokers and average cost is about $900 to ship 2300 miles.
  3. I 2nd the lizard skin. I had the opportunity to ride with socorob and notice a large difference between his and mine (I used peel and stick audio/heat stuff, forgot which brand)
  4. Postal Code: 70056 QTY: 1 - Heather Gray 2XL Short Sleeve QTY: 1 - Maroon 2XL Sweatshirt
  5. Not military and I tossed most of the emission stuff lol. First cancer and now maybe the Z. I think life is trying to tell me something.
  6. Haha, thanks Dennis. I may keep it "registered" with family and figure out if California is temporary or a permanent thing.
  7. Thinking about taking a job in California. Was wondering about how to handle my Z. If I remember there are some restrictions on vehicles especially older modified ones. I have a 1978 280z with an LS currently. If anyone could point me in the right direction or have experience with the process, it would be a great help.
  8. You get limited if the driver has to have a truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. If you can secure the clip on a standard pallet and have a means to load it on a truck you can try places like: CHRobinson Total Quality Logistics Old Dominion I have used a few of these guys before and since where I work has a dock and access to a forklift they didn't mind. Most brokers will try and work with you to find the best rate. I shipped an engine this way. A shipping company had a delivery to my property from Chicago. I knew the driver and talked to him about it and said as long it wasn
  9. Personally, if the car still in rough shape I used a cheaper car cover that is weatherproof for $125, 3 years later it looks ugly but still works great on the project car. My finished one has a nice one the wife got me for birthday, cost about $220 from one of those online places. Works great and the no issues with the liner rubbing against the clearcoat.
  10. If G35, search for the 2006-07 models. If I remember correctly 2005 and before had random engine issues, which issues were fixed post 2005 models. I do not have any experience with the G37 model, but I do prefer that model. Very sharp. My friend has a G35 that is his daily and he beats it on occasion and never gave him an issue. Windstorm, hailstorm, and floods never affected it (He is just lucky I think). I drove it a few times and I enjoyed it very much. I also drove the 2 door version, a bit sportier but rear seat access is not as easy. Depends on what your looking for. I have been se
  11. Much more support than stock. Used the old rails from the Z, found some spacers and slotted angle from the hardware store then about an hour later was finished. Wifey enjoyed the seats more and she has a bad back also. I have a set of prelude seats in storage that I haven't used yet also, which provide a bit more comfort and support than the integra supposedly.
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