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  1. Prelude Seats - $100 obo Both in good condition, had them for about 2 years in storage. Recently Found a set of S2000 seats to install. If looking for stock seats for 280z(Will post better pictures shortly), those will go up for sale shortly also once I install the others. Located in Northern California. email: ngoquyen777@yahoo or PM here.
  2. Last run of donation shirts, I bought a few shirts and a Zip Up Hoodie. After unpacking I found it and actually put it on. I like my hoodies roomy, but the XXL was a bit too large even for me. If anyone wants it for free, just pay shipping. I can upload a picture later. Message me or if your Northern Cali, come get it.
  3. Anyone have a preferred carrier to ship vehicles cross country? Found a few brokers and average cost is about $900 to ship 2300 miles.
  4. I 2nd the lizard skin. I had the opportunity to ride with socorob and notice a large difference between his and mine (I used peel and stick audio/heat stuff, forgot which brand)
  5. Postal Code: 70056 QTY: 1 - Heather Gray 2XL Short Sleeve QTY: 1 - Maroon 2XL Sweatshirt
  6. Not military and I tossed most of the emission stuff lol. First cancer and now maybe the Z. I think life is trying to tell me something.
  7. Haha, thanks Dennis. I may keep it "registered" with family and figure out if California is temporary or a permanent thing.
  8. Thinking about taking a job in California. Was wondering about how to handle my Z. If I remember there are some restrictions on vehicles especially older modified ones. I have a 1978 280z with an LS currently. If anyone could point me in the right direction or have experience with the process, it would be a great help.
  9. You get limited if the driver has to have a truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. If you can secure the clip on a standard pallet and have a means to load it on a truck you can try places like: CHRobinson Total Quality Logistics Old Dominion I have used a few of these guys before and since where I work has a dock and access to a forklift they didn't mind. Most brokers will try and work with you to find the best rate. I shipped an engine this way. A shipping company had a delivery to my property from Chicago. I knew the driver and talked to him about it and said as long it wasn't too far off the beaten path, it wouldn't be an issue. He only had a pickup of 2 pallets scheduled to return to his home base that didn't required to be sealed. He also had a lift gate on his truck for the buyer. I loaded a crated engine bound for Tinley Park. I saved a large portion of the shipping cost plus a muffalatta. Good Luck.
  10. Personally, if the car still in rough shape I used a cheaper car cover that is weatherproof for $125, 3 years later it looks ugly but still works great on the project car. My finished one has a nice one the wife got me for birthday, cost about $220 from one of those online places. Works great and the no issues with the liner rubbing against the clearcoat.
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