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I do not ever remember seing a favorite headlight page. These are mine. The headlights are H-4 with 55 watt low beams and 100 watt high beams. The plastic headlight buckets were replaced with metal ones and welded onto the fenders. Riv-nuts were installed in the metal headlight buckets to hold the headlight covers in place.



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I am assuming you are trying to say "Great idea to weld the metal headlight buckets to the fender". That was done to give the appearance of a one piece fender/headlight bucket. I feel the car was mostlikley originally designed that way. Then the bean counters and machinest said that would be to expensive to build as a one piece unit. So, we get the two piece fender/headlight bucket production line set up. As for your question about condensation. I am assumiming you are refering to the condensation that can form under the headlight covers. Welding the headlight bucket to the fender have nothing to do with sealing the headlight covers. So they can still condensate in certian weather conditions.

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