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HKS EVC Boost controller Boost source

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1973 240z l28ET, stock t3 turbo.


I have a version 1 HKS EVC boost controller that is quite inconsistent in PSI.  When turned on, it will intermittently  choose what PSI it wants to run at, and other times be somewhat consistent.  There's a VERY fine line between the knob being at 10psi, and then a hair more, will overboost to 15+ psi.      I believe the unit has a learning procedure, but I can't figure out how it works.   And if you know the unit,  you basically set the knob , and watch the boost gauge to see what your at.    I also realize this issue could be a fault with the controller. 


However,   I'm wondering if this is  temperature related as the source line is coming off the compressor.  I read somewhere that a source coming from the intake manifold would be more consistent. 


Is this manifold source typical? If so,  What do you block off the compressor source with?  Or does everyone run it off the compressor?





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Well, I managed to find the user manual online.    Old/hardened/porous source lines can cause problems.  it also looks like 2 of the ports are supposed to have "vacuum filters".    I'll get some new hose on there and try to source a "vacuum filter"

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