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  1. Some updated photos of the build in the recent months. As known, the CD008 transmission is enormous and has by far been the biggest hassle of this project. I ended up removing most of the stock trans mount reinforcement to be able to fit it. we got the transmission mounted and are starting to build the custom cross member. Enjoy! Installed some SpeedHut gauges to properly monitor the VQ: Engine is out, time for a spray down! Test fitting the VQ Tight fit! Need to cut more Cleared the notched and powerdercoated subframe Midship FR! I decided against using the old rubber engine and trans mounts, so I picked up these high quality Z1 Motorsports billet/poly engine and trans mounts Transmission mounted Love the new shifter position, it sits farther back but it actually closer to the steering wheel That's all for now until we make some progress on the new subframe/motormounts
  2. I have a z31 turbo CAS Wheel (Also have an ECU if needed) I can do $30 + shipping for the wheel. Let me know your zip if interested but I cant imagine it'll be more than $5-7. Thanks,
  3. Happy customer here! Great pricing and faster than expected lead times!
  4. Thanks Tom. Looks like you forgot a number!
  5. Thanks! Good to know the photos are getting around. I had hacked up my first 240z for flares and didn't hesitate at all, but with this nice stock body and all the "cool kids" doing flares and wide wheels, the classic looks are that much cooler to me. And it's just such a beautiful car!
  6. Agree on all counts! I'm really looking forward to this swap and all associated mods. Just got my speedhut center gauges mounted up as well. Did you get rid of your Z?
  7. Hello! I'm looking for QTY 1 'Y bracket' that connects the center gauges to the L bracket inside the dash, preferably the one off of the clock (most right) as it appears to be longer than the others. located in San Diego, willing to pay shipping Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I feel the same, I'm so Sick of seeing wide flares and uselessly wide wheels for the sake of likes. I really want this car to look like the classic it is. I think someone else mentioned the lack of engine photos despite his words, and I think he didn't have the correct lenses for a wide angle shot. He's a friend of mine and if I remember correctly something happened to his camera and he ended up needing to borrow a friends. Anyway, I was happy with most of thr pictures. 2 piston skirts failed and after messing with the L series For 5 years, I'm a bit sick of it. She's getting a VQ35DE and 6 speed, some new center gauges, and eventually some 15's with some sticky 225/50/15 and LSD.
  9. Hello all! Although the car is going through some changes now, I never got to share the article of my Z on Petrolicious I've posted some of the main photos, but you can read the full article here: https://petrolicious.com/articles/this-datsun-240z-has-been-tuned-with-tasteful-attitude Enjoy!
  10. Thanks! Any more shots from a further angle? Any one else? I'm surprised this is not a more popular option!
  11. Please do- thinking about going there to get mine as well- he's only about 15 minutes from me
  12. Wanna revive this again! Anyone purchase a replica and have pics installed from different angles?
  13. Thanks, hayashi racing 503, 15x7 +4 front -16 rear (spacer). 205/50/15
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