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Boost Control Map

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Anyone using their Haltech to control boost mind sharing their turbo setup and boost control maps?

I just installed my boost control solenoid last weekend and have a rough setup now.

Im running a MAC valve (part no. 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA, which is the same part as the rebranded Haltech valve which cost 4x more), with the stock turbo. I just have a rough map now, only spent a few minutes on it and really just enough time to dial in 11.5-12psi with little to no boost spikes. Stock motor, stock turbo w/ bolt ons plus fuel and LS coils.





As you can see, i just dialed in a flat number to get to my target boost, then compensated below that boost level for quicker spool, and above that number to limit spikes. I havent gone any further yet but Im interested in how people who have more seat time have dealt with the nuances of open loop boost control, such as changing duty cycle at higher rpms to compensate for flow limitations, or maximizing spool while limiting spiking.  Obviously specific maps wont carry over from car to car, but im interested in the overall flow of other peoples maps and their experience using ECU controlled boost.

Im running a haltech PS 500, so im limited to open loop boost control, but from what ive learned, setting this open loop table is the first step even when using closed loop boost control, so hopefully even the guys with the bigger boxes can contribute.



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