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1970 S30 Left rear quarter panel driver's side.

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HI, I've been working on a rusted shell for just a little while and would like some help from you guys in your experience. I have a post in the member's projects forum if you would like to visit it. I've just got my camera back and I'll have new pictures sometime this week. :)




I've got my sandblaster out and I've started to get to work. I've been looking for a junk yard find where I can cut a fender out for my driver's side rear quarter panel but I've yet to find one around here. I would like to order a panel from somewhere like blackdragonauto or fixmyrust but I don't think their panels are going to cover all of what I need. 

In black dragon auto it is page 18 and is #7 99-300. 


May I ask what I should do? What have you guys done in the past for this kind of thing?  I've searched for tutorials and or pictures of peoples replacement of this panel but to no avail. I got a door and a front fender along with cowl but now I need to turn my attention to the rear fender. In the meantime I'm sandblasting the interior and replacing the floorboards :)



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