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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  2. That looks great. Unique too. Can't wait to hear how it sounds.
  3. Probably true, nothing fits all that great. I was just fitting a new air dam, fussing with getting it centered and equal, pulling measurements to the front of the frame. Then I realized that the front portions are welded different from the factory. There is approx 3/16" discrepancy. This wasn't straight when it was brand new. Gave me some perspective.
  4. Ouch. Sorry to hear about that deal with Carbon Signal. What a shame. The YZ kit will look amazing. Darius' car was incredible with that kit. Great work withe the exhaust. There really is not much room back there. That is part of the reason I went with 2.5" I just couldn't figure out how to get it all to fit. Resonators up near the xpipe are my backup plan to adjust the sound. They can help with LS rasp, should you end up with any.
  5. I have heard that the knock off rocket bunny stuff typically does not fit well. Just what I have heard, no direct experience.
  6. Great work! It really is not easy. Especially with near zero access to the back side. That will make tons of room. You may have already stated this but, what flares are you running?
  7. You will be doing rust repairs. My suggestion is do whole floor pans and bad dog rails. I wish I had. Doing it spot by spot took way longer and the result is not as good.
  8. That is amazing. You should rent it out. I would rent it.
  9. I bet you can trade it for an LT1 version. Put it up on LS1 Tech
  10. Great work! That is a tight fit. Those are going to work great for you. Much respect for the accomplishment. I think the take away with "custom" engine mounts is the buy a set of headers ahead of time, mock up with them and build around them. Haha. I wish I had too.
  11. Part of their storage burned to the ground. Not the whole shop.
  12. Good stuff right there. Team work makes the dream work.
  13. Hahah, didn't even see that. Wow. Late to the party.
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