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  1. That is the line of thinking that made me end up getting JTR shorties. I didn't place my motor in a "standard" location and I wanted to use a Sander/Vintage air AC compressor. Hawks are a significant cost, but if I knew they would fit and be done, I would spend the money. They should have a beat up set in mild steel or something that they ship to people for mock-up. Test headers. Building a set is tempting. Something super custom and self made is always gratifying. Check out Cone Engineering for collectors. https://www.coneeng.com/exhaust_system_kits.html and Columbia River has good pricing on mandrel bends http://www.mandrelbends.com/mandrel-bends.html Also Speedway Motors has builder kits that might be a good starting point. You can fab it out of mild steel and send it over to Jet-Hot for coating. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/shop/speedway-exhaust-header-pipe-kits~8207-10191-4529-11-524-31037 Ultimately I just opted to get the off the self JTR/Sandersons and move on. They are not my favorite design, but I am certain the will get the job done. https://jagsthatrun.com/products/headers-for-datsun-z-ls1-v8?variant=7943951777835
  2. Nice! That is a big step. My feelings on manifolds were similar to yours. The power gain is not really a factor, OEMs are nicely designed and if they fit, run em. I went with the JTR/Sandersons they are ok. Easy close fit to the block, which leaves plenty of room. The are off the shelf, which saves time and expense. In hindsight I sort of wish I had either went with Hawks long tubes, or made my own. Honestly, mostly because long tubes look cool. The turbo guys weld V-band flanges to OEM manifolds all the time. Might be worth considering. I am sure whatever you come up with will be bad ass.
  3. Agreed, you can move that sheet metal under the battery "down" a long way. Are you going to stick with the exhaust manifolds?
  4. Awesome work! Who the heck uses 12-24?
  5. How do you plan to fill the gap between the inner and outer panel? When I did my flares, I left the inside long and folded it over, welding it to the outside. Are you going to make a filler?
  6. LLave

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    I did not use these and my shaft cleared with minor trimming. I may have a photo somewhere.
  7. LLave

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Matt is the man. I got a few parts from him and intend on having him put together a set of wheels for me.
  8. LLave

    Hood bonding problem

    Cool color. How about flex additive like they use for modern bumpers?
  9. LLave

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    What an amazing car! Great work.
  10. Great work! I am well versed in just how tight of a fit that is for the compressor. You got that tucked way in there.
  11. LLave

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    Good point. I just looked, the contact information is right on their website: http://www.chequeredflagracing.net/HOME.html Joseph Siam <jsiam1@earthlink.net> Chequered Flag Racing .net Joseph P. Siam 9833 Deering Ave unit I Chatsworth Ca 91311 818 350 6222
  12. LLave

    Broken 4340 Stub Axle threads

    I think we should all hold from speculating until the vendor has had a chance to respond. I will PM you the contact information I have for Joe at Chequered Flag.
  13. Chunky! That's awesome. I may have to hit up Jongbloed for a set of wheels.
  14. Looks fantastic. What size tires did you go with?
  15. LLave

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Looks great. Who's shift boot is that? Hurst? Regarding the high beam indicator light, I wonder if you could add a diode somewhere to prevent back feeding.