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Wanted misc. interior & exterior pieces, V8 conversion


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Trying to make my parts z complete again,


*all parts wanted are for 78' 280


I will post things in reverse order of rarity to make life easier. Have paypal, everything will have to be shipped to 04474.


**Looking for**


-'Z' sail panel/quarter panel emblems


-'280Z' lower fender badges


-Steel 'Datsun' hood emblem




-Horn Button


-Center Console (black)


-Steering column clam shell 


-Rear view mirror


-Hood (shipping may be outrageous so I might fix mine, dunno)


-Typical rust repair panels (floors, frame rails, fender bottoms, doglegs)


-LS Swap parts


-240z bumpers


-ZG flares


-'Spook' air dam


-Spoiler (OEM, MSA, 432, etc)


Anything that is not found I am willing to purchase new from MSA, JTR, etc. I realize some of these are not realistic. It will be a while before I start this project, so throwing this out there can't hurt right?


I appreciate any help guys!


You may PM or for faster response email jcrawford@autodist.com

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