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anyone in Savannah GA area? car spits/surges/ and wont start. willing to pay for help

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240z l24 w/ tipple webbers


when I bought the car the owner had told me it had only been tuned to idle. it would run fine until you gave it gas and it would surge and start spitting out of the carbs. I had a guy come out and look at it and we mussed around with the carbs giving it more fuel but still had the same problem. I pulled the plugs and the were BLACK so that was not the answer. then we moved to the distributor and he messed with that for a bit and now the car wont run at all. If I have the distributer cap on it wont ignite but when I have it off it sounds like it wants to start but just wont and is still spitting out of the carbs. he says I need a new distributor but I want another opinion and am wondering if he just messed something up and I can do something to correct it.


I am not an expert so im trying to learn. any advice or help will be appreciated . if anyone is in my area I would love for someone to come out and help and maybe teach me a thing or two. also I will pay if someone comes out thanks!

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So did the car ever drive?


Previous owner only tuned for idle? Carbs have idle circuit and main. If your plugs are fouled, you are to rich. Especially with the symptoms you stated. What brand carbs do you have?


Remove and replace the plugs NGK BPE6ES. Check contact points of rotor to the cap. If any signs of fouled you can sand them

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I got new plugs but haven't had time to do anything yet. thanks for that link too. I've never worked on carbs before though so im still trying to wrap my head around it all


if you want to stop by and help me out that would be greatly appreciated. I will pm you 

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