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Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT


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Here for my yearly update. It starts, I have video of it.


It also has no coolant, no exhaust the crank pulley isn't torqued down, there's no clutch pedal, coolant fan, or O2 sensors hooked up. But it runs! On 3 year old gas at that. Seemed to have a miss--but I'm going to have to hook everything up, drain and get fresh gas before firing it up again because I need to let it heat cycle to break in the next start. Hopefully no miss after that, if it really exists.


See ya next year.

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Hooked up many things. Electric fans and controller. Exhaust, wiring almost completely done (engine bay side, at least). Center console assembled. It runs and drives. Haven't driven it much, less than a mile total.


Wideband is hooked up and car runs solid 14--14.7 at idle. Idle is still high but I've run out of adjustability from the IACV. Need to double check the vacuum lines.


Still needs the passenger side floor cleaned up (ECU, fan controller mounted). Need to fix the A/C as it overpressurized and blew the safety pressure relief. There's a droplet of oil forming on the oil filter. Droplet of coolant on the rear of the engine somehow, but can't trace it. Nothing on the ground.


Lifters are noisy af on startup after sitting for a while. But it goes away as the car warms up.


Only took 5 years and one pandemic.

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Well I cleaned up some wiring and vacuum lines and got the child seat adapter belt. Put about 20 miles on it. Drives pretty well! Without lugging the new rebuild I can still feel the potential at 25% throttle at 3k RPM. It does want to die after deceleration for a few seconds but I need to re-route some vacuum lines and double-check everything.


However, it's likely after getting everything set and breaking it in we will sell it. It's the wife's and our priorities have changed over the past 5 years.



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Clean up some vacuum lines and tweaked the throttle stops. It no longer wants to die at idle (had some vacuum lines temporarily connected that were just bypassing the throttle plates). Got the stock boost gauge working. Drives much better though although it idles even higher now (I believe the throttle stops are too open).


Had to order some vacuum caps to finish off the vacuum lines then it's time to cleanup some wiring and get the A/C working.

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