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Clutch,pressure plate ,flywheel base coupe vs 2+2


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I have an engine and transmission out of a 83zx to put in a 240z. While I have the engine out of the car I want to replace the clutch,pressure plate and flywheel.The clutch and pressure plate because now is a good time to replace them , and the fly wheel because ring gear teeth are damaged. I realize I can replace just the ring gear,but.

there seems to be ,at least on EBay, more options that fit the 2+2 than the base coupe. My question is ,if I replace all three will the larger diameter components of the 2+2 (240mm vs 225mm) work?  

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I have a follow up question. While doing some more searching I found on another Z site a statement that I would need to use a different release sleeve when I change to the 240 mm set up.

Is this correct? I would hate to button this up and install the motor and transmission In the car only to find out I needed to do this.

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Thanks, I did some more parts searching and found  Nissanpartsdeal.com that had parts diagrams and numbers and a way to check if the part you are ordering will fit your application.

The 240mm setup comes with the 2+2 so I ordered the sleeve for the 2+2. The part number is 30501-k0400 incase any body else is looking. 

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