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timing issue

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260z with s13 blacktop sr20det

-stock t25

-freddy intake

-front mount intercooler

-megan racing bottom mount exhaust manifold

-mines ecu 62

Ignition timing can not be set to 15 btdc. The car runs good at about 25 degrees btdc with the cas in the middle lined up, but when the timing is set to 15btdc(the cas has to be rotated left and almost maxed out), the car runs like crap, no throttle response, and just falls flat on its face. the car has pretty much ran at 25 btdc for a while now, just decided to see if I can dial her in.


Pulled the valve cover and mechanical timing looks ok to me, the crank is set to 0(second mark from the left), the intake cam lobe for cylinder 1 is <, the exhaust cam lobe for cylinder one is like  >, the dowels are at 10 o clock and 12 o clock, the cas is lined up with the dot. The car does enter into ignition timing mode and its idle is set to 800. 


Dont know really what to do. Dont know if the ecu has something to do with this, or what, searching for any ideas. Thought maybe the cams are a tooth off, but seems like rotating the cams one tooth would set the timing off????



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