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  1. Airdam looks like its installed way to low. Take the bolts off, push it up, and then tru to place the splitter on. You can always contact skillard
  2. Competition hood scoop is installed and the intercooler can finally vent properly. Still needs sanding and paint, but this will do for now. The installation was pretty straight forward, however the supplied nuts are a pain in the you know what.
  3. Sadly the slip yoke was trashed when the driveshaft u-joint snapped. Luckily my local diff shop had all the parts in stock and ready to go. The driveshaft is now fixed and back in the car. My brakes have been rubbish on this car since day one. Who would have guessed that 40 year old calipers and wheel cylinders would be junk? I mean common, they just are 40 years old. Bigger brakes are planned for the future, but just not in the budget right now. So in the mean time, some new stock reproduction brake parts were ordered. Ended up picking up some A1 cardone calipers for 25 each and some rear wheel cylinders for 27 each. The rear pads were junk so replaced those for 17, new springs for 9, and turned the drums for 15 each. The front pads and rotors were still prime, so those were salvaged. Found one of the rear cylinders was frozen and the other one was clogged. For less then 200 bucks the car now stops fairly well, has great pedal travel and pressure. Now that the car can stop, its time for more power
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