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Write-up on how to chip Z31 ecu???


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Evening gents...


I thought I would have a greater response on the z31performance site (http://z31performance.com/showthread.php?25303-Chipping-86-ecu-to-convert-to-turbo&p=375142#post375142), but it turn out not so.


Anyway, I have an 86 ecu out of a z31 n/a auto. I was hoping to re-chip and reprogram it for turbo. I wanted to go down path Afshin's documented (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/26230-z31300zx-ecumaf-to-280zxt-swap-guide/).


Could/would anyone suggest a write-up for this conversion?


So far, from what I gather through various sources...


I can chip the ecu in this manner...


1) remove prom chips IC4 (28-pin) and IC5 (24-pin).

2) jump J3 to J4. any other mods?

3) burn an at29c256 chip with the turbo map (burn the map onto the last portion of the 32K or double the BIN).

4) drop it into the IC4 location.


Are there any corrections/suggestions to my plan?


I have a moates chip burner, and a couple at29c256 chips in hand. Again, my goal is to use this ecu with a l28et.




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