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  1. thanks for the replies. i'm heading torward butt-welding it in. I'll remake the chimney, and put a flange, like a top hat. i think that would be the easiest for me to weld from underneath. the firewall is in good shape, so i don't want to mess with it.
  2. hey malus_rex, do you have any pix of the panel you made to weld in from under? the rot on my car looks to be just on the stack/chimney portion. thanks in advance.
  3. thanks for the tips guys. i wanted to confirm that the "cover" wasn't there for my model.
  4. Hey all, so the intake under the cowl has rusted thru. Rain leaks into the passenger side. From my search, to access the intake, I am to remove the "cover", which is spot welded on. The problem is I found no spot welds and can't feel the lap joint.Do I cut it out anyway? I've sanded around looking. Any help? 77 coupe. .
  5. anyone attempted to replicate what hoke did? i think for a diy'er, it's the least amount of work.
  6. scartail


    It's ran (not running). Won't run for more than a couple minutes. l28et (w/o the turbo right now) I'm using the stock dizzy with the stock CAS (the 6 slot pattern), stock TPS, MAP sensor, and the generic speeduino map. I have more work on the map, but I think this is significant progress for me!!
  7. scartail


    not a problem. i expected the speeduino to be a learning process. i'm at the novice level. i think it's just a function of time.
  8. if you have deeper pockets, you can try atpturbo.com. i haven't bought from them in such a long time. so, i can't attest to their service.
  9. scartail


    I abandoned the accel 300, and used a 4-pin HEI module. So far things look interesting. Im able to get spark using the 280zx turbo distributor set up (spinning with a drill) . But i have to go through everything to again. It looks promising. I will be running everything on the bench, including the engine. At least that's the plan.
  10. Hey TakemuraShuu, I know this is a really old thread, but I came across this when I was struggle trying to do the same. I just wanted to throw this out there, if someone else goes down this path. This post was helpful. I was able to get the spark to work. I put the signal to post "W" and grounded "G". And just tidbits for disclosure, Im using a 0v type 4-pin HEI module, and I'm running things on the bench with Speeduino. Just something to consider.
  11. scartail


    bump, bump, bump... on the wagon. bought my speeduino last week and have been playing it. planning for use with 280et. so far, it doesn't like (or maybe i haven't configured it properly) my accel 300+ ign module.
  12. Hey all, I have a l28et motor out of an 82. I also have an acell 300+ ign system with a 140019 coil. Ive searched for an answer to whether i can use it with the l28et with the optical cas. I dont have any ignition components from the 280zx turbo, just the motor. Would you guys give me some advice on how i could use the acell system? Or even if i could even use it? Thanks!
  13. Just saw this video... This guy has a tilt up aftermarket steering. Contact him.
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