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  1. success... i was fearful of causing damage, after removing timing chain. at first it was as hesitant, but because everything was off, i pu more force on it. it broke free. appreciate all the help and suggestions!!!
  2. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I filled the cylinders with ATF for 8 hrs and didn't get anywhere. Then i followed it by soaking it over night with ATF/acetone mix, that didn't. Thinking of Villeman's idea of getting oil to the crank, etc. I flipped the block upside down and filled it up with old oil. After about a day or I was to get a degree or two of rotation with some persuation with a hammer. So, I can rock back and forth, but doesn't seem to get any more movement. I then flipped it back upright, and soaked the cylinders with the ATF/aceton mix. After a day, the mxiture seeped through the rings. Unfortunately, i still get the same range of motion. No more. Now, I plan to do what Villeman suggested. I'm going to remove all the hadware except the crankshaft, pinston, etc. Unless there is something obvious I am missing?
  3. thanks for all the good idea. I'll give them a try and get back to you.
  4. Need some help/suggestions. I'm not looking to do a total rebuild, if I can prevent it. My goal is to have a fun weekend ride. Anyway, I pulled a L28ET out of a 81zxt several years ago. It spun freely when I pulled. Eventually, I left it under the tarp for a couple years in the back yard, when I had to relocate for work. When I got back, the engine was froze. I had stored it whole (head on block), with oil still in it. I've soaked the cylinders with diesel (for days) and liq pen (for hours) (seperate occasion), and still hasn't freed up. I've now pulled the head, and directly shot liq pen on pistons/rings, and the crank joints (gaps between the crank and rods); still nothing. It's stuck solid. When I load up on the crank, I can feel the bolt turn, but not the crank. At this point (my thinking), if i can free it up, I just need a head gasket (pistons and cyl walls look good), manifold gasket, etc.. as opposed new bearings and all the gaskets. Any advice? Am I beyond the point where it's easier to just tear everything apart? What am I missing? Here's what I'm looking at. Block sitting in a craddle.
  5. Nice looking project. What are your power goals?
  6. nice project. good luck. I'll be following. i'll be refreshing one too shortly.
  7. Sounds like they are out. I bought a pair from them in Feb. For the price, might be worth it to give them a call to see. I just checked ebay, they have the whole conversion listed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-260Z-280Z-1970-78-Rear-Disc-Brake-Disk-Brakes-Conversion-Upgrade-133/322844482925?hash=item4b2b07dd6d:g:h5gAAOSwX~dWsSki&vxp=mtr
  8. I think zcar depot has them for 70$ a pair?
  9. youtube's got a few reviews. from what I understand, they're not bad (not great, either).
  10. it's got a nice mad max look to it. and... it is Halloween!
  11. There is a write-up on using a z31 turbo ecu for the l28et (that's with a s130 turbo harness). The harness needs to be repined.
  12. Really great work! The patch that you made for the battery area, was that shaped with just a hammer/dolly?
  13. where there is a will, there is a way. just to it. worst that can happen is that you invested a little too much for the education you gained.
  14. love the classic white and dark wheels combo... those 15's or 16's? and what drop are you at?
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