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  1. thanks for all the inputs. i didn't have it decked. but the new hg may be slightly thicker (uncompressed). after tapping a little more, i noticed that the top corner of the cover was digging into the hg. i ended putting some rtv on the corner and along the gasket, and tightening it down.
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, heads torqued. Doesn't seem to make sense to me though. Did you have any troubles later down the road? Blown hg, poor pressure, etc..
  3. Hey guys, I'm putting my l28et back together. The timing cover wont go back in easily. What gives? Do I need to shave the top of the cover? Here is the cover dry fitted. I've tapped the cover with a mallet, but it won't seat fully. Still a sizable gap. The locating pins are aligned to holes. Chain guides aren't in and no gaskets.
  4. am i correct that you are referring to the axial location? when you torque down the cam bolt, it will pull the cam axially. the cam slides around until torqued down. i just took a look at my heads. if you loosen the retaining plate (the plate only goes on one way), and allow the cam to slide into the hole, i think that will work. oh, i found a broken exhaust stud on my heads too. i ended up putting a helicoil in it. The kit was less than 10 bucks on amazon. if found that welding something on to back out the stuck piece is the best approach.
  5. Guys, Did P90 heads come with steel/chromemoly valve seats from the factory? I was looking at rockauto and they have chrome moly seats listed, though out of stock. I thought ss or moly seats were an upgrade from stock brass. Thanks in advance!
  6. gorgeous build... it a bummer about the corvette that you sacraficed for the engine.
  7. i bit the bullet and bought a thread repair kit. it was a long shot to see if i could recover it. thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Hi, I orginally posted in another subforum, but did not get any response. Figure I was posted in the wrong subforum. There was a broken exhaust stud in the head. The break was recessed. I attempted to remove it with an extractor, and ended up breaking the extractor. I found website that described using a dremel and griding bit to grind through the extractor. I was able to do much of this. However, the reminisce of the stud/extractor still remains. To the best I could, I opened up the hole size for tapping M8. Still bits of steel remain. I used a magnet to detect the steel. Then I found a website that reference using battery acid to eat away the steel. I did this over several days. Still no, luck. As you can see, I only get rust. Any advice? I hope not to open up the hole further, then use an insert or helicoil. Someone out there must have a trick.
  9. Thanks, I was hedged my bet with bspt; being Japanese and all. Unfortunately, mcmaster carr only carried the lower profile ones. I ended ordering some thru ebay. And for anyone else that runs into this trouble... I measured the plug to be 1/2" pipe thread (assumed BPST) and 20mm thick.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I'll browse mcmaster carr. I do think they are not straight threads, maybe pipe thread.
  11. Thanks guys. I screwed up, and wasn't paying attention... I ended taking one out, thinking it was a head screw, and stripped the socket head during the process. zcardepot doesn't carry them. They look the run of the mill. Are there anything special with them? BSPT?
  12. Thanks for responding. I stole this image of the zcardepot website. It's item 9 in the picture (not circled).
  13. Can someone tell me the name/pn of the steel threaded plugs in the head? There are 4 of them, near the cam. Require a 10mms Allen to remove. Thanks.
  14. thanks D9inger!!! that is one bueatiful engine.
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