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Slave cylinder hydraulic line roll pin backs out

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I had an LQ4 swapped into my S10 truck with an internal hydraulic slave inside the bell housing of the stock NV3500 5-spd tranny. There have been a fair number of bugs to work thru. The latest was a sudden loss of clutch hydraulic pressure when I pushed the pedal on my way home from work. Unlike the T56, the NV3500 has holes in the bell housing that allow visual ispection of the slave cylinder. The roll pin that holds the hydraulic line in had backed out. Fortunately, it was still hanging in place, so I was able to push the line back into place and push the pin back in with a long screwdriver. In the future, I plan to use a small bolt with a nyloc nut in place of the roll pin. Until I swap the NV3500 for a T56 Magnum, the pin will be a monthly visual inspection item. Guys putting a T56 in their Z may want to think about putting a tiny bolt in place of the pin. I got really lucky. Now to bleed the system (argh)!


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