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Hybrids is a great Forum and the members have shared a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. So I'd like give back a little and hope it might be useful to someone else!


I just completed converting all the lights in my 260z to LED's. The subject has been covered pretty throughly in many other post, so I won't rehash what has already been shared (thanks to those of you who posted on the subject I found it very helpful). One issue that seems to be a problem is the glove compartment light, because the positive voltage is on the outside and negative is on the center post. LED's are particular about their voltage and the standard bulb won't work. But there is a simple solution without having to rewire your car. You can buy on Amazon (I'm sure there are many sources) an LED that is about 2" X 2" and it has an adaptor for different types of sockets. When you connect the adaptor simple reverse the plug and the problem of the reverse bias voltage is is fixed! The LED has a nice piece of 3m double sticky tape and mounts out of sight to the top of the glove compartment and is completely out of sight and does a great job lighting the glove compartment. I've included a couple of pictures. I hope someone fines this helpful



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