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  1. I finally got around to finishing this drip tray for the passenger side hood vent. I was fortunate to locate a used driver side drip tray on Ebay and flattened it out, reversed the form and drain slots before prepping and painting to match. The new slot configurations are mirror image of the driver side drip tray and will still allow hot air to exit the engine bay and water to drip away from the fuse block... and still looks "factory" !!
  2. They're $50 each plus shipping from DPAN GT. They have their own site but I got them through Ebay. Look for "DPAN GT Fairlady Z Katakana Badge Emblem 240Z 280Z 280ZX 300Z 350Z 370Z JDM S30".
  3. A fellow member at the Classic Z forum turned me on to these very cool Katakana logos for the Zs. They apparently read "Fairlady Z" but I just really like the look of these instead of the standard "280 Z" logos.
  4. I was committed to updating the information pertaining the amp rating for the Maxifuses I used in the fuse block that replaced the fusible links OEM set-up so here's the update. I have been running this set-up (pics below) for a couple of months without issues. The consensus was to decrease the amp rating of the fuses used as much as was logically possible to test how well they protected each circuit. I've made a point of driving with as much electrical draw as possible with the AC, headlights, sound system, turn signals when necessary, hazard lights and horn when possible. The only system I haven't used simultaneously is the windshield wipers/washer because I don't take the car out in the rain. The circuits have been identified on the decal on the inside of the case cover. Despite the information on the Atlantic Z page regarding amp ratings for the different color fusible links, my current (no pun intended) set-up is much lower and, as stated previously, seems to be working well. Circuit 1 (ACC): 50 amps, Circuit 2 (IGN): 30 amps, Circuit 3 (H.L.) 25 amps, Circuit 4 (IGN) 20 amps
  5. I've been running my Maxifuse 4 circuit fuse block for a few months (replacement for the old fusible link set up) and all the electricals are working well. My worry has been the fact that the set up is definitely not water resistant (much less water proof) which could be a huge problem if I get caught in rain or simply carelessly wash my car. I like the fact that it's a simple 4 circuit system with readily available fuses so I found a way to put it inside a Husky brand (Home Depot) WATERPROOF 6" small parts box ( measures exactly 6"x6"x2") made of hard clear plastic. It looks like acrylic but I'm not sure. I pulled out all the partitions, opened 4 holes (one in each angled corner) and fit them with rubber grommets for all the input and output cables. Fixed the fuse block inside with rivnuts placed on the bottom of the case (as well as the sound system fuse holder) and attached the set up back again in place of the old fusible link holders. Oh yeah, and I covered up the inverted "husky" logo with a spare 3D printed 280Z logo I had laying around. All the electricals tested well. I will run this for a while to test the durability of the clear plastic but I think it'll fare very well considering the fuse block itself was exposed to the heat of the engine bay for months without issue and this plastic seems very similar to that. I'll report long term findings if any. Pics below.
  6. I think you should be considering LED upgrades for your headlights rather than HID bulbs, the main reason being that your power consumption will be very considerably less with the LEDs. Your electrical system will appreciate the load reduction greatly. Definitely go with Dave's harness upgrades with relays and that will complete your upgrade.
  7. Excellent info. I will go on their site and find the unit that best suits my needs which is basically to substitute the original fusible links with a more current and safe alternative. Thanks again.
  8. I can't thank you enough for not only taking the time to compliment my build but also for your fantastic suggestion. I've felt uneasy about the vulnerability to water that my current set up has. I definitely can't drive in the rain and have to take precautions when washing the car. I checked the link you supplied but can't find an obvious replacement box for the maxi fuses. Which unit did you use? Do you have any pics of your set up? I truly appreciate your help. Thank you. Dave
  9. Love your set up! I see you went with all Apex Engineered components. I did pretty much the same but kept the stock control arms which I media blasted and powder coated. I had my rack serviced but all my internals were good. Are you planning to use Apex steering knuckles as well? I'm very happy I did. Love the steering feel now. I have an electric Z power steering unit which was previously dialed almost all the way to max assist until I changed my components. I have the dial turned only half way now and it feels much more like a modern sports car.
  10. I got my hands on a JDM key "for Fairlady Z" made by Royal. The company apparently has not made these since the eighties but Irving Morales in California has a few for sale. Got it cut today and will become my regular key. Very funky Japanese look. Here's a pic with the OEM key on the left and the fancy key on the right.
  11. I think I'm getting to the point where all I've wanted to do to my Z has been done! I know it's hard to believe but I can't think of anything else. Of course, things are prone to breaking in a 40 year old plus car and I will surely be repairing whatever comes up. I had been waiting for about 8 months for a couple of back ordered parts from Apex Engineered, namely the top brackets for the steering rack and the close ratio steering knuckles. Got those in the car yesterday and I spent the morning getting the car aligned again (perfect job by Mel's Reset here in Miami). Everything seems to be sitting in the right position, car drives and brakes straight, no tire rubbing, great steering response with much tighter feel. Very happy with the felt differences after installing these parts. As always, here are a few pics.
  12. Great question! I'm in the same boat. Can't find new caps with wires to replace my corroded originals. I hope someone chimes in.
  13. Decided to paint the red T3 tension rods to match the front and rear control arms (metallic dark grey). The look is more "stockish" and much cleaner IMO. Here are some shots.
  14. Nice job! These look like a great alternative for those of us searching for a stockish look. It would be helpful to know the dimensions front to back so we can determine if they will fit in our headlight buckets without modification.
  15. Thanks very much! Here's the current link to the one I bought from Z Car Depot. It seems to be available. Maybe mine looks different from the angle of the pic but it's the same one. https://zcardepot.com/products/splash-pan-panel-engine-shield-stainless-240z-280z?variant=19281169154161
  16. Restored the engine ID plate by tediously touching up each faded or missing line, letter and number with an extra fine tip black paint pen (Testors) and magnifying glasses. Put down 3 coats of matte clear over it once finished so I don't have to do this again any time soon. I'm quite satisfied with the results.
  17. The front end work is complete: Tokico Illumina struts, Apex Engineered front crossmember, tie rods and steering knuckles, Arizona Z car aluminum oil pan, T3 tension rods, MSA anti away bar, rebuilt steering rack, Z Car Depot splash guard, powder coated stock control arms, strut housings and brake dust shields. Come to think of it, that was a lot of stuff! All the components went together well with the exception of the stock control arms which had to be "shaved" at the back so as to go properly into the new crossmember. Although they're all from different companies we were able to align the car without any problems. 
  18. Got the new Illumina struts installed in the freshly powder coated housings. Stock control arms have been media blasted and powder coated and just received the outer tie rods from Apex Engineered. Will be installing tomorrow. "Film at eleven". 😀
  19. Steering rack serviced and painted. Ready for re-installation:
  20. I'm in the middle of a major upgrade to the front end: changing the stock front cross member to a beautifully designed tubular unit from Apex Engineered and a cast aluminum oil pan from Arizona Zcar. Still to come are refreshed (media blasted and powder coated) control arms and strut housings, rebuilt steering rack and a new SS powder coated splash pan. In a couple of weeks I should also be getting new steering knuckles form Apex. Here are some pics of the job so far.
  21. After playing around with my suspension setup and changing my mind a few times as to setting the dial on my adjustable Tokico Illumina struts, I got tired of broken and lost retaining pins for the strut tower covers and decided to fabricate an easy access port for the dial on the top of the rear strut. I used a 2.5" diameter screw cap and "neck" from a juice bottle (hard clear plastic) and adapted it to the strut tower cover. Took about an hour total time (and drinking tons of cranberry juice) but I can tune in my rear struts as easily as my fronts now.
  22. In an effort to dial back the "mod" in "resto mod" in the cabin and bring back a bit more of the vintage look I went back to green illumination on my dials (still LED, of course), and threaded my original shift knob to fit the slightly thicker short-shifter shaft. Along with the Datsun Comp steering wheel I had already changed a few weeks back I think everything comes together nicely now and looks more like a stock '78 280Z.
  23. Thank you so much for appreciating all the thought and work that have gone into my Z. Put a similar amount of work into your build and I'm sure it'll turn out just as good or better than mine. I'll be following your posts so keep 'em coming fast and furious. Great luck!
  24. Realized that with the new fuse block setup the hood vent right above it will allow water (rain or otherwise) to come into contact with the electricals which are not as water resistant as the old fusible link arrangement. I decided to mirror the shape of the driver side hood vent liner to place under the passenger side vent. I modified it somewhat so that hot air outflow isn't restricted too much but will still prevent water from dripping directly onto the fuse block. So far I've completed the cardboard template. I will transfer that onto sheet metal soon and then paint.
  25. Nice to touch base with you once again buddy! The cool thing about the extinguisher is the base to which it attaches. I wasn't about to drill holes in the floors and wanted the extinguisher right behind the passenger seat where I could really reach it if necessary. I used a 4" x 12" piece of 3mm black ABS plastic and marked the 3 spots where the supplied extinguisher bracket would attach to. I placed 3 rivnuts in those spots on the ABS plate. I then covered the back of the ABS with heavy duty 3M double stick tape, lifted a bit of the carpet behind the passenger seat and stuck the base exactly where I wanted it. I replaced the carpet over the base and marked the positions of the rivnuts on the base with a pick through the carpet, placed the metal bracket that came with the extinguisher over the carpet covering the fabricated ABS plate and fixed it with 3 properly sized screws that would not extend past the rivnuts so as not to damage the car floor. I finally placed the extinguisher into it's bracket. The set up holds the extinguisher solidly in place and "no floors were drilled during the making of this film", 😉😂.
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