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I could use some advice. Roadster shop crossmember

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I'm heavily considering putting a roadster shop fast track front cross member in my 75 280Z.


They make one for 25" inside frame rails, and the track width would be right around 1480mm which is the front track width of an S14.

For the rear, I am going with S14 subframe, which will be a 1470mm track width.

Frame rails will be replaced with box tubing, and tied in to the rear frame with box tubing as well. 


Now, BESIDES THE COST, are there any reasons to not use this crossmember?

Are there better performing options for cheaper that I've missed, besides fabricating my own?


Thank you.





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Show and go.

Although I just got word back that the front track width with 25" inner rails would be 55.25"... So I'm already second guessing this as I am trying to shoot for 58.26", which is S14 track width.


I should add that I know very little about suspension geometry, and how much of a difference it will all make, but I am trying to build a supreme handling and driving car. 

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Honestly, for the money, I would just order up a full suite of techno toy tuning, flare it, fit as much rubber as you can, and be done. Will it be as unique? No, but it will be a very good handling s30 chassis. If you want really supreme handling and really good street driveability, you are probably looking at another chassis all together. Maybe a C6. 


Just my opinion of course. 

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