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480Z - cheap 2+2 build

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Memorial weekend is going to be packed with local car events I thought I would miss but the Z is actually at a point where if I decide to not start any body work besides fitting the flares I could attend. Friday there is a local car meet and saturday there is an autocross event as well as street night at the local drag strip and autocross again sunday. I am really going to push to get this z back on the road so I can attend all of these I think it will be a blast.


Forgot to post pic of exhaust reworked for new trans and trans mount



Vogtland Springs installed. Went smoothly old struts were in good shape.



Liking the stance a lot that these springs gave







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My cheap EBay fuel pump has gone bad (surprise) and so I have not been driving the Z lately. I have an Airtex with a lifetime warranty picked out to get her back on the road. I have lost interest in the car again so may be going up for sale not sure. 







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8 hours ago, JDowwwg said:

Wow. this build doesn't look cheap to me. Love what you did to the fender flares. Great work on this. Do you plan to add more mods?


Thanks, and I know it only started out inexpensive! (maybe I should update the title?), the recent work added up but was well worth it. I do plan to increase the handling before my next auto-x event and I also plan on doing more to the aesthetics to the car like bodywork, fresh paint, a front air dam and rear wing. I also want to upgrade the instrumentation and possibly cam the engine or upgrade to more displacement. We'll see how things go.  


I appreciate the comment!


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