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  1. Hi! Were you able to find the R888 you're looking for? By the way, is it true that the Toyo R888 and Nitto NT01 have the same compound? I just read it in another forum. Some say even though there's a price difference, both tires have the same compound on a different carcass. Can anyone here confirm this?
  2. I browsed Zcarsource and found some cool stuff. thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Wow. this build doesn't look cheap to me. Love what you did to the fender flares. Great work on this. Do you plan to add more mods?
  4. updates about this? seems like a promising build
  5. I'm not the guy who can answer your question but I must say that's a great looking car you have there. good luck on your build. any mod plans for it?
  6. Nice car you have there, Zach. i suggest you make a build thread here on the forum to show your progress
  7. well done. your car looks great. anyway, any feedback on the tires you're using? Not sure if I would go with a Nitto N01 or NTS 555
  8. very helpful thread. thanks for posting this one
  9. interesting build. more power to you
  10. nice! do you have before and after pics of that? good luck with the build.
  11. Been lurking on the site. Think this is the right time to join. Got a few tech questions on my bucket. will post my queries on the forums. Hello to all
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