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wtb-axle companion flange for 300zxt

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Why do you need to install the 300zxt axles? Just install your current CV axles. They plug right in. Then post the 300zxt axles for sale here. I'm sure someone will want them.


If your set on using 300zxt axles, the 280zxt stub axles (wheel side) are 25 spline same as the 240z. I doubt the 300zx are 25 spline. Maybe ask Litman to count them. The 280z stub axles are 27 spline count. If the 300zx OEM flanges are 27 spline, you will have to source a set of stub axles from a 280z to use the 300zx flange. Also you'll want have litman measure the length of the flange to compare against the ZXT you have to make sure it all fits.


My quick google search for 300zx spline count didn't find much. If I were you, I would just use your ZXT axles and be done.


These are stub axles.


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