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  1. Not Watanabes but 17” Rota RB-Rs. Not sure the Brembo front caliper will fit under anything less than 17”. Mounting bracket will need to be custom based on back spacing and spoke design.
  2. I have the ECU from an ‘89 Z31T auto. Let me know if your are still in need.
  3. I have a full set of pedals pulled from a ‘76 280Z if I recall correctly.
  4. Nissan Altima coupe. Pulled the entire rear bumper cover, cut the lower section off then narrowed it to fit the lines of the Z.
  5. Do you still the t-top seals from your 83?  If so, are you still interested in selling them and how much?



    1. Litman



      Unfortunately I have not been able to locate them lately. My spreadsheet says I should have them but they are nowhere to be found. If I do stumble upon them I will let you know. 

  6. As of right now the complete motor is spoken for. However, the interested party has yet to pay for the motor. If this goes unresolved I would consider pulling pieces from it. I will respond via this post should the motor sale fall through. Rear brake calipers were a rusty mess.
  7. Unfortunately I do not have the air regulator.
  8. Interested in the four interior trim/panels. I would offer $100 shipped to 14845. Do you happen to have the plastic trim that covers the roof liner (above doors and windshield)?
  9. Currently the engine, including OE turbo, is committed to a race team. If the deal with them falls through and the turbo becomes available I will shoot you a PM.
  10. Sheffy, Sorry to say they sold a little over one week ago.
  11. LLave, All I can say in answer to your question is maybe? Yes the OE compressor is variable. Some say they use it without issue. Others suggest wiring it to be fixed instead of variable. Full disclosure on my end; the car hasn't gotten far enough for me to test it. I may run into problems and have to change my approach, which would consist of altering the wiring as opposed to changing the compressor. I'm pretty locked into this direction at this point. Luckily living in the great white north I likely won't need it that often. Thanks for the compliment. Clean was one of my primary objectives in the engine bay.
  12. I too am using the Vintage Air Mini II. It fits quite nicely behind the dash. On the motor end I used the OE LS1 compressor (F-body donor). To enable this I had to notch the frame rail and migrate from JCI mounts to Corvette C5 motor mounts (plus my own cross member creation). In order to meet my goal of an extremely clean engine bay all of the plumbing runs through the passenger side fender. Condenser and receiver dryer with trinary are all in front of the core support.
  13. I have a complete cable from my '71 in excellent condition. $40 P/S.
  14. Replied via email
  15. Just noticed your request indicates specifically 79-81. Not certain how the 82-83 varies from what you are looking for.
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