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New to me 280Z, have questions about loud valves.

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Hi everyone! I have an L28e with N42 head on a new to me car. I cold adjusted the valves to .10 exhaust and .08 intake but the engine still seems loud. Do I need to worry about anything if the engine is loud like this? I can't find any exhaust leaks, the oil pressure is around 10-70 psi, and the car runs well.


Here is a video of the noise after adjustment and a little 15 minute drive

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Sounds normal to me.  The valve-train on these motors is inherently noisy.  This is mostly due to the solid lifters, but the injectors are also quite loud and you can usually hear them clicking.  


Check your hot valve adjustment just to be sure, but your motor sounds fine to me in the video you posted.

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