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Rx8 13b swap

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No the rx8 engine is not the same to fit as a series 4/5 engine.  Some parts are similar but depends on how your planning the install. There is a couple of challenges.

The renesis uses 3 stages of injection and the six port uses variable timing of secondary ports. On top of this the crank sensor is not a commonly used system. Because of this there is only a few ecus that will work in the stock configuration.

The stock gearbox does not have a speedo drive as the stock computer collects information electronically. 


In saying that there is still options.


The s1 engine the front cover can be changed to the earlier style front cover to allow a cosmo or s4/5 cas to be used. The dizzy drive gear needs to be swapped at the same time as the rx8 gear is reversed. This option would require an early sump re drilled to suit.


The gearbox just use a s4/5 box or there are options for the speedo drive but there not cheap. Alternatively if its a race car the speedo wont be a problem.


If you go ahead with the swap send me a pm with any questions. I swapped a 20b into a 240z nearly 10 years ago and am currently putting a bridge port renesis 13b into my rx4 using an electronic dizzy and 48ida weber.



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