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NASA AZ Vq 240Z race start


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A few vids of some recent action with my 240Z racing with NASA AZ and Thunderhill Nationals.

I had to start from the back on this race, made up good ground but that's as far as I got that race.


Severely outgunned at NASA West Coast Nationals 2017 (Thunderhill).   The competition was brutal and all on their home track.


Just screwed up is all.


This was a fun lap battling with Ricky Johnson in his turbo Mini.  I got past him a few laps later, but he wasn't giving up...


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14 hours ago, jt1 said:

Great vids and a good job driving!


What tires do you run?

Thank you!  


That was on 275/35-17 Hoosier A7 or (Maybe R7).  I am moving to a different tire size (smaller) of 245/40-17 because I can add about 20hp due to classing rules and the tires are nearly the identical actual size. (Hoosier games...)

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A little more race action from NASA WHP-West Track in January.

I failed to qualify due to a family conflict so I started in the very back in ST3 class (10 pounds / horsepower) but actually had the 2nd fastest lap time of the entire field.

The action heats up around the 17:30 mark battling with a supercharged 310hp ST2 Civic (8 pounds / horsepower) with one of the very best drivers in the club at the wheel.

All of our tires were trashed but I managed a late dive-bomb pass just prior to the white flag lap and held the position.



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