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  1. Cooling problems on my 280ZX were fixed by removing the stock bonnet vent inserts and replacing them with coarse mesh with a mini air dam in front to kick the air over the vent and create a low pressure area over the vent.
  2. Any problem with the RB25's radiator? Are hose sizes a problem? Because any 3 core aluminium radiator that fits will be sufficient cooling wise.
  3. Look at that engine setback, brilliant, should be 50:50 front/rear.
  4. As a furriner it's interesting to see the prices that out of the usual historic cars with a hook bring. There seems to be a excessively larger bonus on the price than seems to make sense but I guess that the buyers know what they are doing because certainly we are talking investments here.
  5. Haltech for one will give you what you need.
  6. Did the US '79's come only with a tin top instead of the dreaded targa? You Murricans were damn lucky to get the 2+0, the 2+2 is the real ugly step child.
  7. Small world Jon, Z seems to be a good one.
  8. Looking at your video it looks like you are still running a locked diff which will be jerky in corners and not give a smooth drive transition like a really good clutch type LSD will. OS Giken FTW. Getting a 280ZX track worthy is a huge job so well done there, the 280ZX is one of those in between cars, still old school and lacking in powertrain development that benefited later model Z's.
  9. As grannyknot said, what about the ball joints? At a quick glance to me it seems that the sway bar will exert an upward thrust load on the ball joint as well as the usual downward thrust, a load the ball joint is not designed for. It's all very well being creative but in my experience any mod like this has to be thought through and the benefits weighed against the negatives. If sway bar operation is unsatisfactory then eg look at using a three piece bar running on solid bearings to give a much more progressive response.
  10. Hope that you don't think that you will get cheap power here, if you are serious and have the bucks then with the right advice you will end up with a great motor.
  11. Not just me again, oh well, enjoy.
  12. A more practical setup is to use a single turbo, something like a properly matched ball bearing Garrett will give you great all round performance with 'no worries' turbo lag. Plus it involves a quicker build which trust me is always a plus.
  13. What Neverdone said, as far as reliability goes the weak point is the bits between the R200 and the wheels.
  14. Stock exhaust manifolds are fine, the intake on these motors is everything and hard to improve significantly, GTX35/82R turbo works well. If you have spare money spend it on the intake, get pro help there.
  15. For anyone using a 4L80E make sure that the cooling lines clear the tunnel, particularly the 90* fittings out of the trans.
  16. Anyone familiar with the Mt Panorama/Bathurst circuit? Basically you go up, run along the top and then drop down to the flat. It'a seriously challenging circuit both for car and driver as you will see, on the one hand this video looks bland but the L engined S30 is super quick and would ace a whole lot of modern performance cars. Smooth is fast, enjoy. The black flag is for going too fast.
  17. One of the first aero improvements to be done with the S30 is to reduce the size of the radiator intake mouth, it's way too big and as JM said packs way too much air into the engine bay where it has nowhere useful to go. This like most things with the S30 has been done, from memory I'm guessing down to something like a 600 x 200 mm opening. Metrics, get used to them
  18. Geez I have plenty of current Z action and seriously good videos, proper circuit racing on another level to the kid stuff on public roads. Surely sort of serious amateur race videos are not going on to Faecesbook for look at me five second glory snaps. Anyway I'm not going to post any more videos here unless there are others to watch, perhaps I'm one of the few who is interested in other's GOOD properly edited videos and not just my own?
  19. Just throwing things around here, I recall that some production type race cars used to have a channel type front spoiler, front view ____.--------.____ Volvo springs to mind. Have no firm idea on how it worked, perhaps the channel worked as a diffuser.
  20. Report them, I've done that now.
  21. Better of coming to Bathurst then, not real racing but lots of flat out laps, love it
  22. Not mine, it's being chased by an EVO and doing well, not so much power wise as you will see but handling the tricky bits pretty damn nicely. Trust me
  23. The rumour that American Z owners are tight 'stay at home' arses is just that, a rumour. I'm sure that they will be lining up to race at Le Mans
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