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  1. Better of coming to Bathurst then, not real racing but lots of flat out laps, love it
  2. Not mine, it's being chased by an EVO and doing well, not so much power wise as you will see but handling the tricky bits pretty damn nicely. Trust me
  3. The rumour that American Z owners are tight 'stay at home' arses is just that, a rumour. I'm sure that they will be lining up to race at Le Mans
  4. Eh? The consensus here seems to be that reinforcing forward of the strut towers is counter productive. Which I agree with. As a general principle all suspension and other load bearing points benefit from reinforcement, extending as necessary to other common load points.
  5. Something like this, if it's as good as it sounds, would be a much better option than transplanting a S chassis rear end into a 280ZX. Trust me, I'm a ......... : )
  6. That 350Z is crazy fast and shows what the chassis is capable of. Porsche concentrate on making a car that is competition orientated and comfortable enough for it's target market while the 350 and 370 are built to a lower price which means no competition orientated tweaks like extra chassis spot welds for a stiffer body with less metal. Extra metal is cheaper than extra spot welds, it boils down to basics like that.
  7. I love seeing Z drivers enjoying their cars on the track. But I guess that autocrisX will have to do here
  8. How about the ultimate 370Z race car which primarily would involve dramatic weight reduction while retaining the stock body modified as necessary? CF bolt on parts of course but mad attention to every body piece with the aim of lightening them in any way possible without losing strength. Plenty of good aftermarket suspension etc parts available as are ultimate engine builds so that aspect is no problem. But, to emphasise, rip the weight out, the less weight the better the overall performance and the less load on items like brakes which consequentially may not require upgrading which of course involves weight. Entirely impractical as a project that could be raced any time soon without some subcontracting $ but getting the best out of the 370Z to out Porsche Porsche would be the aim. And I believe that it could be done but entirely impractical $ wise.
  9. The later model VQ the better, starting with the HR. As for gearboxes, check out the price of a new one, you may be happily surprised but make sure that it matches your engine.
  10. Willwoods do have a general reputation for flexing, are StopTech's any better?
  11. LOL My post didn't come out quite the way it was supposed to but the quality of the parts can't be judged by the vendor's surroundings. Some beautiful work can come out of what looks like third world surroundings however as always it always depends on the honesty and ability of the vendor.
  12. Challenge Bathurst this year? Great to see you working the 280ZX bastard child LOL.
  13. The GTech uprights arrived and are they cool, beautiful design. That's going on appearance, hey, they may not work as advertised in which case they will go on display
  14. Can't be more specific, just something I ran across years ago. The disruptive pattern is super cool though, could confuse the opposition LOL
  15. You Murricans can be very superficial , checking out the vendor would be a better indicator than the state of the web site.
  16. To help achieve what's needed for mine two G Tech rear suspension uprights have been ordered, they revised all the locations to suit a lowered car and to improve grip.
  17. Reviving a dead thread because at last the S14 rear suspension cradle will be raised both by modifying the cradle's rear two attachment points and the chassis. Not going to be a simple job so if anyone else has done this please chime in with pics.
  18. Is a large stylised pet door image possible? There is a on line design service available where you can state what you want and the fee you are willing to pay. Could be cool.
  19. If you are going with an aftermarket ECU like a Haltech then a engine loom maybe available outherwise it's auto electrician stuff.
  20. Wings and attachments should be black on a S30.
  21. Pffft, just get a plug and play system, if I can do one so can you. Then it's ready to roll off to be tuned, it really can be that simple.
  22. Like the side cut away guard treatment, should be good aero, same with the minimumalist front. Not sure about the bonnet treatment though, I've always found that getting air out of the engine bay to be most important, aim for negative pressure in there. Got disorientated watching the video LOL.
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