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  1. They look great but I don't know why they are so expensive.
  2. To ship to 4370, Australia, it's not hard to do, pay by Paypal. By 'gear set' I mean just the crown wheel and pinion which means that it would be easy to pack. PM best, cheers, Richard.
  3. It's basically the same as what came OE behind SR20's so it should fit but chasing unusual auto applications gets very frustrating, the good shops have heaps of regular work and don't have to spend the time sorting out something different while those that may be good but you're not sure want to mortgage your vital body parts in payment.
  4. Thanks Gollum, I had a feeling that you would come up with something interesting and practical.
  5. So, a Honda 2000 engine and gearbox? I like the sound of that, BUT, will the gearbox handle turbo power? I know that you said that the transmission is fine but how fine? I'm thinking that 400 horses at the wheels would be tops. A budget engine rebuild would be lower compression pistons and stock everything else? Wonder how it would go with E85 fuel with the stock pistons?
  6. Thanks fellas for the very useful contributions, cheers. I should have mentioned that using an auto trans is a option but weight is crucial with this project, at present I'm looking at what autos may bolt up to a SR20DET, the manual option for it would be the Silvia gearbox with a close ratio Kameari gear set which is the sensible option. But 'sensible' does not always win LOL
  7. That's the automatic transmission used in the Z31 300ZX and other Nissans of that vintage, I can get one good to hold 450 hp with full engine braking and convertible to full manual shift, no electronics. But first I have to know if it will bolt straight up to a SR20, anyone know?
  8. A bump for this monster project, have been thinking about putting a stock configuration VQ30DET into the circuit racer 280ZX but it looks like the engine will not go far enough back for the sump to clear the Xmember.
  9. And the effective length of a bend is different to a straight anyway.
  10. Say around 400whp capable with a rear drive gearbox that will handle such power, a Mustang Ecoboost would do but virtually unavailable in Straya so back to square one. Spending too much money on the other project so this would be a 'done properly but not lavishly' thing for circuit racing so no crate engine, used Japanese preferred but not essential. Thinking that someone here may just have experience with a not so popular engine that goes better than it looks.
  11. Thanks fellas, will pass the contributed info on to him. Link to cryogenic treated rotor info for those interested http://www.frozenrotors.com/about/why-deep-cryogenics/
  12. Have used the Carbotech XP10 compound on my race car and have recommended them. But yes, the racing class my friend runs in requires the use of standard OE brakes, he is improving the usual stuff like cooling and compounds but there are also more subtle possibilities like shims made of ? to reduce pad/bucket heat transfer, modifications to the OE parts, heat/freeze treated rotors, heat extracting wheels and so on. He has to use 14x6 period style wheels. It's all about attention to detail with his car class.
  13. Back in the Z glory days, boy did Nissan miss an opportunity to be a real sports car maker to rival Porsche like they used to.
  14. Welding the diff puts more stress on the rest of the drivetrain of course, I thought that drifters used a specific clutch type limited slip diff. Going cheap usually does not work the best.
  15. Friend of mine has to use standard brakes on his historic race S30 and of course they are inadequate. Putting this up in case some old school racer has some tricks on how to make them work longer, we know the usual stuff but perhaps there is something that is ........ trick
  16. That Ford Performance kit looks the go, in my book that sort of equipment is essential if available, problems in that engine control area can cost heaps to diagnose and fix let alone the frustration and trying to find someone who can do it. Time is better spent on building the race car.
  17. An aftermarket ECU and a general purpose loom would be one way, they have drive by wire, VVT and so on pretty well sorted these days and are particularly suitable for turbo engines. The problem with this sort of new swap is that most want the knowledge of others who have done it before, hey, pioneering is fun providing the time line is flexible.
  18. What is now becoming an established annual two day event which attracts lots of S30's, Bathurst tests car and driver like no other circuit eg front end lift at 200 KPH anyone? Anyway enjoy and if you Murricans have a spare November this year, plus the necessary, ship your S30 over and take part.
  19. Maybe others can understand your sketch but I can't, usually arrows are used to indicate measurements, just trying to help.
  20. It sounds like a great conversion, particularly in the US where you have lots of Mustangs with a fair percentage of them ending up in wrecking yards well before the term of their natural life. Aftermarket con rods should not be a problem? OE forged crank is a big plus. If I was starting now this would a serious drivetrain contender.
  21. Here is another one Jon, 500+WHP now which is a good start, looks like bang for buck the LS has a challenger particularly for a circuit race car.
  22. And so we have another 'I will do' fail.
  23. What got me thinking is the bigger capacity of the Ecoboost 4 compared with the usual 4, viability would basically depend on it's rev limit, weight and head flow capacity plus general serviceability. There is a lot of looking backwards in the engine swap world plus there is the always present LS challenge which is now the bench mark for engine swap choice? The only LS downsides are lubrication and the ever present V8 exhaust challenge, with a 4 a proper extractor exhaust will easily fit in any reasonably sized car. Real extractor exhausts for the LS don't exist unless pipes are run from one bank to the other. One engine bay for the motor another for the headers LOL.
  24. Never heard of anyone even thinking of putting a S30 strut type rear suspension in a S130 (280ZX) but you know there are plenty worse ideas. Fabrication would be required of course.
  25. How about doing some Polish magic body work , make your own kit modelled on a race 280ZX.
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