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I have a 1970 240z.  I aquired a 1973 240z front bumper that has a different setup/bracket.  I do not have the arm/rod brackets for the 73 or the "L" brackets for the 70. 

What do i need to install it on the 70 z?  If i buy the early L brackets will they work or do i need to remove the U shape bracket (that looks like the rear) that is bolted inside the bumper and utilize or drill a new hole on the bumper? 


If the L bracket will work, i am willing to buy them, but didnt want to until i consulted with someone who is more knowlegeable on the issue.


Picture:  Early on top, 73 on bottom.      I have the bottom and the left bolt seems to line up and so does the hole on the bumper behind the bracket stud according to the picture but i have not done any measuring. 


NOTE:  I will also move the guard to a more outer position since the early z's had the guard next to the light bucket and the 73's had them about 4 inches on each side closer to center.   In addition, i will have to find an overider that belongs to the early z.  the 73 is a shorter bar and will not work.



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1973 Bumper mount: (image source: http://www.cpidshop.top/bumpers-c-132_158_1354_2265/73-1973-datsun-240z-front-bumper-bracket-pair-rh-lh-oem-used-p-3459.htm )


1973 Bumper filler (because they are wider)



vs 1970 bumper mount:





I switched on my 73 240z to the early bumpers and only bend/bored a self made early bumper style mount. For the reverse, you have to set them a bit forward but the sides will have big gaps without the bumper fillers and I hate them, I already destroyed 2 pairs because the material gets brittle over the years.

Or you would have to cut and weld the side mounts inside the bumper to a new position.


Here is the 73er bumper installed, you can see the bumper fillers behind the bumper and at the sides.



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