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  1. *gravedigging* As I am informing myself on building an intake manifold I found this thread and the original(?) From what I have gathered, the injector spacing in the 3d model is wrong, it should be like this Source: https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/70721-l28-injector-spacing-port-dimensions/?do=findComment&comment=669440
  2. I have them but have only driven 300km so far. Spring Rates are a bit high. A friend welded them in, I think they are steel. Used a tuning company to get them through the TÜV.
  3. When he writes "I actually used the footrest quite a bit when I was driving the car." I think he talks about the pedal-like rest for the driver. Not this foot rest which would probably interefere with the pedals.
  4. I'm definitely not an expert but in a "Serious l28 high horsepower build" I wouldn't try to run 45 year old rods and oem pistons.
  5. Hi since a few weeks (after my christmas holidays) I noticed the "condensed" view on the activity streams isn't working anymore for me. Am I the only one? Tested with Firefox 72(first page visit) and Vivaldi 2.9.... See attachments.
  6. I was not in any way involved in these linked tests, I just remembered the results of the ducting. As far as I see all the data is in the image gallery .
  7. you may want to call him, emails are not his strength.
  8. Have you looked here? https://www.rimtuck.com/search/thumbnails?make=Datsun&model=240Z or https://www.rimtuck.com/search/thumbnails?make=Datsun&model=280Z With the standard ZG flares your wheels will probably stick out.
  9. From the pictures on the website (normal conversion kit) and the posted race kit, it looks like only the race kit has the coil overs in the hatch area because you can see the typical flange on the hub for coil overs compared to the picture in this thread with a different position and the higher arms for the hub.
  10. 1. These are extra wide fenders, which makes if more diffucult 2. You could look here for inspiration http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/category/userphoto/nissan/フェアレディ/ (haven't found extra wide fenders) 3. 8 inch wheels only get produces to a max offset of -6: http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/products/wheel/eightsporkRtype/ So the wheels have extra spacers or are wider.
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