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  1. Just shove it from one side to the other.
  2. From the pictures on the website (normal conversion kit) and the posted race kit, it looks like only the race kit has the coil overs in the hatch area because you can see the typical flange on the hub for coil overs compared to the picture in this thread with a different position and the higher arms for the hub.
  3. Nice video Is it still the Datsun or Subaru R180?
  4. 1. These are extra wide fenders, which makes if more diffucult 2. You could look here for inspiration http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/category/userphoto/nissan/フェアレディ/ (haven't found extra wide fenders) 3. 8 inch wheels only get produces to a max offset of -6: http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/products/wheel/eightsporkRtype/ So the wheels have extra spacers or are wider.
  5. Hey to all the experts out there. I'm a total carb noob and I hope to get a starting point from you. I'm currently building the engine: L30 P90 Head (slightly ported) Something like this "Stage 2" Cam Lift(In/Ex): .480/.480 Duration(In/Ex): 274/274 123 Ignition distributor I currently have a set of DCOE40-151 on my L24 and want to keep using them but the question is, with which choke and jets should I start?
  6. About your deal... I can only speak for the german offerings but the cheapest I found in my 10 seconds internet search was $5.500 for 120k miles with an auto trans. So it can't be that bad.
  7. You can't just write about your "great sound" and don't link a video!
  8. Dustcovers are not mandatory but if your place doesn't like it, there is nothing you can do...
  9. They are just more difficult to get approved. "Not allowed" is wrong.
  10. It gets worse nearly every year. 20 Years ago it was like heaven compared to today. And then there are people who will do anything for money. The english translation would be something like "allowance at discretion".
  11. You mean there is a ton of german cars doing more than 140%. I know it isn't solid but 10.000 € is a big hurdle.
  12. There is a good Whatsapp Group... Want to get invited? Send me your phone number. And you know what? 40% of 151 HP (211 HP) isn't much for your listed engines. If you can convince them the 240z has the same chassis as the 280z, else it would be 182 HP which is barely enough for a CA18DET.
  13. The guys with german cars don't know anything, they all mostly use already completed certificates of somebody else or VW directly. It won't be so easy for cars the TÜV doesn't even know and you won't get any technical reports from these car makers.
  14. I bought the Rods from a member here. Thread can be closed.
  15. Heyho, I search for a good set of L24 9mm Rods with shipping to Germany.
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