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240z Headliner too small

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I have a early 71 240z and had a small cut in my headliner. I picked up a used headliner last summer out of another early 71 and removed it my self. I don't remember seeing any gaps in the roof as far as the headliner being too small but I might not have paid too close attention as all the plastic panels were already removed.


Somehow during transportation I put a fold/crease in the headliner vertically. I remember last year I used a heat gun on the crease and put pressure on the crease by pulling it both directions when it was hot, it seemed to take out the crease. I then used SEM vinyl paint on the headliner and it turned out great.


After doing so much with the car since last year, i finally got around to putting in the headliner only to find the headliner is too small. From the center of the headliner near where the rear view mirror would be to the back of the headliner, I notice it is about 2" too short so the sheet metal roof is exposed. Im not sure what the he'l

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