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l28et Damper bolt different than others???

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8 hours ago, NewZed said:


All he needs is the right parts, cleaned up and installed correctly.  Blue Loctite on cleaned threads is probably fine.  Red Loctite on oily threads is probably not as good.  It's the fine details that matter, not just slathering on some red Loctite.

Th OP specifically asked about using a BHJ damper with expect use above 7000 rpm and what to use to  secure it.  I have very specific experience with this and offered my recommendation, based on several conversations with BHJ after having a  damper fail at the keyway.  He's got a BHJ damper ordered, so he's already in the realm of "over-doing it", and what to do if you're revving past 7000 is not going to be covered in the FSM.  Nobody but you said anything about "slathering on" a bunch of red loctite into a bunch of oily threads.  I ASSumed that the OP would be smart enough to chase the threads and clean it first, and it was already mentioned that you don't need to use a lot.


I guess I'm mostly offended my the insinuation that I'm an internet bullshitter with no experience.  Seriously?  Completely uncalled for.

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News Flash:

"TimZ and Chickenman possessed/channeling TonyD on HybridZ..."

My "ignore" button worked well... I had no clue what you guys were ranting about until I noticed the "You've chosen to ignore content by NewZed. Options" after the fact...

Imagine that, the day TonyD was not the ranting guy.

Imagine that!

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