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ben a

ls1 swap progress and questions

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good morning all. I only have a few steps left to complete my wifes 240z windshield, tires, exhaust, and some wiring. i have done and tested gauges, fuel pump and impact safety switch and gone trough all 240z electrical systems lights, ignition, and whatever. I made a clutch safety switch so that the wife wont be able to start the car without pushing in the clutch LOL. i am having trouble finding wiring diagrams for 2004 gto with t56 the engine came with a pin out sheet and the company i bought it from deleted the normal stuff from the computer for me when i bought the engine. the info i have shows just enough to get me in trouble and it seams to be for a gto with auto trans. what i would like is to be able to make all necessary connections with fuses where needed but everything i have found on the net so far does not jive with what i have. i dont want to buy an aftermarket harness when all i need is already there. any help would be great.


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