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  1. You can always use a lever arm (ruggles scale method) if your scale(s) is rated less than the item you are weighing.
  2. Looking good. Testing it out in Iowa I see?? Let me know if you need another Iowan to test parts out!
  3. NC88


    I have the standard xenon airdam, I plan to cut the fender horizontally at the top of airdam, then make a small bracket on the backside of the now 2-piece front fender to align the two pieces and still be able to drop the airdam without much fuss. Open to recommendations/advice though. My Z is a pure streetable race build, so I'm not going for show quality.
  4. NC88


    I'm running Weld S71b's: 17x11 5.5" backspace 17x9.5 5” backspace
  5. LS3/TR6060 in a 240Z with the CX kit here, I went 3rd hole from the back. I agree with the "as far back as you can manage" strategy.
  6. NC88


    Just got one of the fronts tacked on. No english wheel needed, just forming them over my leg.
  7. NC88


    I have a set going on a 240Z. The rears are tacked on and I'm working on the front now. They are plenty stout, and laser cut, so each set has the same shape. They do ship flat, but forming them is simple. The rear flares I left at full width and they line up well with my 315 tires. Up front I have 275's, so I used metal shears and took 1 1/4" off the top radius. They did mistakenly ship me 350Z flares the first time, so I have those collecting dust if you're interested in them.
  8. So far I am. I will have a better answer for you after this season as I haven’t launched this thing at the track yet. A couple notes on it: One of the diff mount holes was misaligned, I could only thread in 7 of the 8 cover bolts. They gave me $100 off, which I though was fair. A bit of grinding/welding for any custom part doesn’t bother me much as long as customer service works with you. Had to clearance the mount near the inner CV joints I’m running DSS axles, part #’s listed in earlier post Front mount updates Zcardepot rolled out a new front mount after I installed my kit, they offered me the updated one for $50 Large washers needed between front mounts and diff DIY or buy these: https://www.fordpartsgiant.com/parts/ford-insulator_f3sz-4b424-a.html
  9. 5-6" above the bumper mounts seems right. Build in adjustability though to dial it in. I didn't bother to chop and raise the engine stands and could achieve a pretty steep angle.
  10. I cut the tunnel open to get the trans up as high as possible, but it isn't required.
  11. Well it runs and drives! I was covered in media material after the first drive, but well worth it. Doing a 4 wheel alignment in the garage this week and plan to hit the drag strip Fri and maybe an autocross Sun
  12. Making progress, I was in CA for all of June, so that slowed me down a bit. The engine/trans/diff are in and mounted. I was able to mock the headers up with the engine in. I was only able to thread 7 out of 8 bracket-to-diff mounting bolts. Zcardepot said they had never seen this before, we settled on a $100 refund. Driveshaft and CV axles are on order from Driveshaft Shop, now it's on to wiring and getting fuel to this thing!
  13. I'm using the CX racing LS swap kit (comes with engine and trans mounts, headers, y pipe, and exhaust if you want, but I just got the y pipe), but havent test fit anything yet. Members Crapforum and jz 90 are using a TR6060 with the kit. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/121732-cx-racing-kit-ly6-tr6060-build/page-3
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