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Hi all, I’m new to the Z31 and would like some sort of direction in swapping but I have little experience. I have an 86 non turbo but looking to swap to a VG30ET. I was doing some research and seen that I’d need the crossmember, intercooler setup, and turbo ecu. Would there be anything else I need in doing the swap? I would really like to do the swap but don’t want to do anything that I couldn’t handle. 


Also was reading that many do a turbo conversion on their N/A. Opinions?


Thanks for any input in advance!

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Turbo manifold and injectors too.. I had read that someone just plugged the turbo Ecu into the NA harness and it was fine. I’ve been going through an 88 turbo harness and comparing it to the 87 NA harness I had.  The Body to EFI harness plugs are different. Its possible they didn’t care about what that ran.  The 3 ECU plug pin outs may be the same. 


Intercoolers never came on US cars. The rb20 Japan models had them.

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