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z trans shifter/sr20det shifter location

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First post, new member. I searched with no luck. Maybe I just don't know my way around the site yet


So, I'm swapping in a SR20DET and trans. I don't have the sr20det components here yet so I can't measure. I want to know where the SR20DET trans shifter location is in relation to the factory Z shifter. The car is being built up as a track day car. I want the lighter weigh and shorter engine to change front to rear balance. So I want to slide the SR back as far as possible to help that. I was wondering what kind of mods I'll have to make to get the shifter close to the same location. the engine is a s13 from a 180sx. Below is a pic of the 5 speed trans for the SRI. Thanks for your help


180sx trans.jpg

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My car looks like this: 


If you mount engine as near firewall that is possible, you ended up with gear lever like this. It is several centimeters more rear than originally. 

I have already flipped shifter other way around, when it leads more forward. Shifter isn´t straight you know.



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