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VQ Flywheel Timing Ring

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So I'm in the midst of doing a budget VQ swap, a '96 i30 VQ30de mated to a '06 CD009 and '06 350z oil pan.  I'm starting to figure out the best option for transplanting the timing ring from the flex plate of the VQ30 to my ebay 350z flywheel.  I'm planning on throwing the flywheel on a lathe to cut off the 350z timing ring, then line up the vq30 timing ring and either weld it on or drill and tap some holes to bolt it on.  However, I'm wondering if anyone happens to know how this 180 tooth ring times the engine?  I can't find any missing teeth or anything like that to indicate TDC to the sensor.  However, I have read on maxima forums that the flywheel has to be clocked properly for the engine to run.  I know there's also the crank position sensor on the front that reads off the harmonic balancer, which does seem to indicate TDC.  I'm trying to figure out where to mount this ring (in terms of clocking position).  The crank position sensor is changing positions due to the different oil pan, and if I don't need to figure out where exactly to mount the timing ring that'd make things a lot simpler.  Here's a couple pictures comparing the 180 tooth maxima ring (looks zinc plated/dirty) to the 350z ring on my ebay flywheel.  




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Got it figured out.  According to a guy who made custom flywheels for maxima 6 speed swaps (the same problem arises as in my case, but with a different flywheel than the 350z flywheel), this timing ring does not index the engine and instead indicates engine speed.  In other words: it's indexing/clocking/position doesn't matter.  All that matters is the sensor being positioned in a way that it can read the timing ring.  Just in case someone else in the future runs across the same thing, and finds this thread.  

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