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280ZX 2jz transmission help

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I have a very embarrassing question. I’m broke and trying to make dreams come true for the cheapest so ... has anyone ever put a r154 bellhousing on a stock 79-280ZX tranny? I have at auto r154 and a 5 speed 71b I think 



any hate is fine just trying to do what I can 

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Probably not. 


Nissan bell housing isn't removable. So no bolt in swap type scenario is going to happen.


If you had an access to CAD and a CNC machine you could theoretically make an adapter plate, but then you are looking at custom off set fly wheel and such potentially. If you had a TIG that could weld 1 inch aluminum you could in theory graft it together, but then you are looking at trying to piece together the correct clutch scenario which most likely won't happen.


R154 are generally made for the 7m, the 1jz variants would work. If you used the R154 bell housing, you would have to either covert the engine to the push type via W58 gear, or covert the nissan trans to a pull type (or vice versa). That would of course be assuming you have perfect distance to the input shaft and the flywheel splines and all that jazz mesh, which they don't.


Also not sure what you have, as auto R154's don't exist as far as I know.


If you are on a budget you can go with a W58. If you can't afford that, then you can stick with the automatic and convert to a CD009 using that bell housing and a collins adapter conversion thingy in the future. Keep in mind transmission options are expensive for 2jz's. I've done both the R154 and the CD009 and both will put you in the hole about 2k with minimal effort. Best not to limp in on something like this. 




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