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EZ wiring diagram for 240z 1972

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HI Guys 


First post here for me , i usually read more than post and so far reading has got me a long way ..


However im installing a EZ wiring 21 circuit harness in my 72 Z ... rear section is done , Engine bay is done , Dash is now full of speed hut gauges and so is done .


A few questions about the column switches ...

I have the indicators working and the headlights work dimmed and mainbeam .

I have no parking/running lights or brake lights.

I have 3 brake wires on the ez wire harness , orange is feed so i assume that goes to the brake switch , one is labelled brake which i assume goes to the other side of said switch. Third says brake and has a crimped connector on it , where does that go ?

I have 2 grey wires labelled dimmer , one is long , one short .  

I have looked everywhere for a full complete wiring diagram to apply the EZ harness to the Datsun switch gear but have not found it ..

If anyone knows of it's existent i'd be eternally grateful :)

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When I was considering rewiring one of my 240Z cars, I researched EZ wiring.  There are a bunch of tutorials on HybridZ and other Z sites.  I recall one member made a pdf wiring list that showed the brake wire connections.  The brake lights are actually controlled through the T/S switch.  For example, when making a right turn the T/S switch disables the right brake light etc.


Some HybridZ links:


https://forums.hybridz.org/search/?&q="ez wiring"&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy

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I used this diagram from 5thgenluder's 2010 build and it helped a lot. I do remember brakes being a problem and I think I just took one brake wire that came from the EZ fuse and routed it to the brake switch, took another non EZ wire and connected it to the other brake switch prong, routed it back to the brake lights.  






EZwiring Diagram 3.pdf

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