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My First Project Car! Datsun 280Z

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Hello everyone,

New to car projects in general but happy to have gotten this 280Z project off of someone else. I'm not sure how I felt about some of the modifications done to her already, but am still impressed with the ride so far.


I've already purchased the Datsun restoration book but am unsure where to begin. I've decide to leave paint and body work to the professionals, but will try my hand at interior restoration like floor soundproofing, dash repairs, and carpeting. 


I'm not sure how to install the fuel gauge onto my rear fuel cell, which appears to be a 5 gal. I'm also unsure of how I feel about the dual exhaust. The note is quite mean however, which allows me to get looks in addition to her already sexy stance.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I begin making final decisions on build parts. I do plan on adding a turbo. I'll add video later.





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If you haven't already done so, you can download the FSM for all years free at:  http://www.xenonzcar.com/.


HybridZ is my personal favorite, but there of plenty of other good forums for restoration and modification info; here's just a couple:




And there are obviously a bunch of S30 pages on FB, if you're a social media kind of person.


Looks like you've got a nice platform to start with -- good luck with it.

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