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  1. If the car doesn't already have one, an inertial cutoff switch is a good idea. I have both a manual switch and an automatic inertial cutoff switch in my fuel pump circuitry.
  2. I bought this MC from Amazon, and was completely expecting a piece of junk due to the low price tag. Turns out I was completely wrong, and very pleasantly surprised by the quality of manufacture and materials. All the threads were clean and well-cut. The plastic reservoirs were plenty thick. Installed it with zero leaks on the first try. If you don't like the black plastic caps, you can substitute your own original metal reservoir caps. Haven't had it on the car all that long yet, but it worked great during one very long day of testing at the track. Highly recommend! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001PBHLCI?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. I'm running both in my mild SBC. The stock mech pump is fine for street use, but I need the electric pump for any kind of track use. I'm using an Edelbrock pump, 38 gph, 4-7 psi.
  4. Something like a black plastic 55 gal barrel, or one of those big black plastic drums that trees are potted in for sale....anything with at least a 3-4 ft diameter should have the right curvature.
  5. jhm

    260z door panels ???

    If you're ok with aftermarket, Skillard makes them: https://skillard.com/products/280z-door-cards
  6. FWIW, I've seen people make their own DIY liners from plastic barrels. Done carefully, they work as well as the stock pieces.
  7. Glad you got it worked out. Is the car on a lift, that you need a transmission jack? If the car's on the ground, a car jack will work fine to lift the differential....just use ratchet straps to hold the diff in place while you're jacking it.
  8. Yes, you can download the FSM for free here: http://www.xenonzcar.com/
  9. LOTS of great ideas here: https://imgur.com/a/R27sh. Of course, how much of this that you actually need will depend entirely on your intended usage for the car and the rest of your setup.
  10. Well, sounds like it's hard to beat the price. And they look nice. But like calZ suggested, do you have a specific question? Alternatively, I'm sure that members here would be interested in your impressions of the seats after using them for a period of time.
  11. jhm

    S30 Whale Tail

    BUMP. $100 plus shipping....come and get it!
  12. A close-up of the plug would also be helpful. Do you have the FSM for your car? If not, I'd suggest downloading it (for free) at Xenonzcar.com.
  13. Even if you're getting the correct voltage to the starter, that doesn't mean you're getting sufficient cranking amps. (And quite honestly, 11.8 - 12.4 volts sounds kind of low for a strong battery.) I didn't see any mention of testing your battery independently....might want to consider that. Definitely do the relay upgrade, as suggested by Enzo above. It appears that your battery is still in the stock mounting position, but has the positive lead been replaced with a smaller gauge wire? From your last post, it sounds as though the starter is functioning correctly, but is suffering from insufficient current flow.
  14. Didn't see an asking price, unless I missed it somehow....maybe there's a typo in the first line of your post?
  15. Couldn't you install the circlip on the axle, and then get the axle started into the diff (which would hold the circlip square and in place until the axle's fully inserted, and secured in place)?
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