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MS2 3.0 - Troubleshooting Tach/Trigger Signal

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A while back I had vowed to build and install this ems solely through diligent research on the forums, youtube presentations (sloppy mechanics vid are particularly good btw) and deductive problem solving.  A couple months later and here we are; still troubleshooting and hoping to sponge some insight from the  datsun hive mind.

THE ISSUE:  I am not able to register a tach signal in tuner studio (w/ stim) utilizing the VR conditioner circuit.  I had initially built the board utilizing the HALL circuit and WAS able to register a tach signal, however I changed this over to VR upon reviewing feedback on this forum.


  • I have set (and adjusted) the R56 trimmer resistor (when ‘trimmed’ all the way, it’s registering ~.7V when measuring from top of R54 – I’ve increased this with no luck).
  • There is no signal data when utilizing the trigger / composite logger feature in tuner studio
  • Tach signal from the jimstim has been tested, tach jumper [on the stim] reflects VR circuit. 12V pullup jumpers installed.  I've tried varied dip switche configurations on the stim to no avail.  Currently set to base EDIS/Distributor. 
  • All recommended testing has passed per the msextra buildup instructions EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:
    • I am reading NO VOLTAGE on +5V terminal in the prototype area and BOOT terminals (should be 5V?)  I suspect this is the result of some hardware issues, but can't seem to nail it down.
  • I‘m running 3.4.2 Firmware
  • 12V pullup w/ 1k 1/4w resistor is installed on PIN 24 (under the hood - not on the board)
  • Board utilizes the BIP373 add on – used to drive [1] ignition coil directly via PIN 36.


Setup on the car is as follows (although I don’t believe it’s relevant to the issue at hand)

  • L28ET swap in a 1973 240z
  • 82 ZXT distributor with DIY autotune 12-1 trigger wheel (has been properly phased per instructions on the forum)
  • 440cc bosch-style Low-Z injectors


Photos of the board, bay and msq files are linked below.

Humbling swallowing my pride as I ask for some feedback.


Thanks in advance! -t




tomzapper240 baseline.msq

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