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Need help with Information on Primers and Paint procedures.

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Hello all. So I have my early 71 240z that I have been working off and on for like 5 years and I had set a goal to have it done by this summer but I have a bunch of variables in my situation.


The goal is to take this car to a professional paint shop and have them use their paint booth, professional spray guns, and experience to paint my car as I have never painted a car before and want this one done the right way.


Shop time and labor cost is an issue, I want to be able to do as much as possible at home and bring them the car to paint.

As stated I have a bunch of variables and I dont want to apply the wrong primers in the wrong orders and mess stuff up and cause problems under the paint later.


I have done all the rust repairs already and have sprayed epoxy primer on those bare metal locations. A body repair technician did a side job on my Hood, Doors and Fenders and they came back straight and primered but I'm not sure what primer he used on them. Meanwhile I have the rest of the shell at home in which it still has decent silver paint on it from the last paint job it had from PO, the car was originally blue,  I also believe there is some filler under that silver paint but it's all pretty straight and I dont see any cracking. I was going to start sanding it down abit with my DA.


I have the hatch that I sprayed with epoxy primer, did some minor body work and then sprayed it with high build polyester primer but have not sanded yet, I also sprayed that high build primer under the hood as the body tech didnt bother the primer that side of the hood which I would like painted. 


I will be painting the car Safari Gold and have a black fiberglass BRE spoiler that I want the same color as the car and also a maroon color painted fiberglass front valance that I would also like painted the same color as the car.. The engine is out of the car and I have the engine compartment prepped for paint as well.


With the shell still having old paint, some parts like dog legs epoxy primered, hood, fenders doors primered as a set with a unknown primer, hatch with high build, fiberglass pieces needing to be prepped, engine compartment sanded down to original blue paint. My question is what products should I use in the situation I'm in and what order do I apply them and how?  


I thought about sanding down the shell and fiber glass pieces and spraying everything with the half gallon of Polyester High build that I have left and have the shop put color on that, but then i read that you need a sealer and to break down epoxy primer and spray that on right before paint as a sealer. I need to know what products to buy and what order to apply them. I apologize if this post is all over the place but that's how I feel my car is right now haha.


Just want to do it right. I built a cool enclosed canopy inside my garage so I could sand and spray primers and not get shit everywhere.  I need help with a game plan on how to proceed with this car, I have the drive to do it and can afford the right products just don't have the knowledge on this type of work.


Thanks for some info in advance...



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