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RusEfi Engine Management


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So I've been working with this project for a few years now, and I think it's finally time to try and bring some attention to RusEfi.


RusEfi is a DIY ECU, not unlike megasquirt. The big difference, however, is that RusEfi is lower cost, uses modern, 32-bit microcontrollers, is completely open-source, and supports electronic throttle bodies.


Here's a recent demonstration video using 2x MicroRusEfi to control a BMW M73 V12.



From BMW, this engine was controlled using 2x 6-cylinder ECUs each with their own complement of sensors, including crank and camshaft position sensors. Now it is being controlled with 2x MicroRusEfi units, sharing sensor data via CANBUS, and controlling a pair of electronic throttle bodies.


Technically, MicroRusEfi is currently intended for a 4-cylinder engine, but it has 6 ignition outputs and ETB support, so here we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread or check out any of the links below. We have a pretty active Slack channel as well, for ECU development as well as installation help, project planning, general engine theory, and whatever else.












EDIT: MicroRusEfi is intended for 4-cylinder and simple 6-cylinder engines, which would work well for the L-series crowd quite nicely, IMO. Of course if you want more, there are several more feature-rich models being developed that you can run right now, supporting up to 12 sequential cylinders with dual electronic throttle bodies (the ECU that should really be running this v12)

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