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Curve to Rear Hatch?

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I am taking this Z apart. It is a project started by another person. My question is whether there is an normal arc in the rear hatch? The current rear hatch is a custom fabbed piece. As you can see in the picture the hatch is flat but the body below it has an arc. I am curious whether the arc is standard and the hatch was made incorrectly or if the hatch is correct and there should not be an arc in the piece below the hatch. I appreciate any help. Getting ready to redo this area and want to make it correct



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4 hours ago, JMortensen said:

There is a curve to the hatch in both directions. 

Good on you for fixing that thing. Pantera hatch is aerodynamically bad and would really hurt flow to the wing. Only thing they could have done worse would be a roof spoiler.

Thanks Jon. I am not a fan of the wing and I doubt it will go back on. The pantera hatch is done pretty well if you like that sort of thing. It was done all in meta with a pretty large rear window, l not a port hole like I have seen in somel. I'm not sure if I will keep it. For a street car (mainly) I'm not sure that the aerodynamics of the hatch will really be noticed. If I were tracking the car at higher speeds I would have more of a concern. I might buy another hatch and be able to interchange them. Not sure which direction I will go. I do know I will leave the curve in the body and adjust the hatch if possible.


Thanks again.



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