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Hi guys. Long time lurker in AZ. I have had a handful of of S30's, a Z31T and a Z32TT. Been around Z cars for almost 30 years. Please  picked up a 75 280 about 2 years ago and I have been slowly messing with it. It had some pretty beet up fenders but they aren't rusty so I'm working on them. The car had a bad paint job on top of 2 other repaints so she is going to metal. I've had a few cars with triple mikuni's and already got some more but not sure if I'm going to go that route or not. Technology is cool after all, so is boost.

    I also already have done a ZX 5 speed swap and have the 390 diff from the same car. Currently looking at swapping in a VLSD from an na z32. In this process I may have figured out a cheap CV swap, more on that later when I have more info.

    Anyway love the site and how helpful people are. See you around.


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