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  1. I may have found one, ill let you know asap. Thanks.
  2. Ill let you know. Possibly band saw.
  3. Yes I made note of those things. If your good you could cut the cover at home with simple tools, no machine work. The right stuff would just be along the top edge of the cover, wouldn't be much. The point is to use it as a distributor that has the cas in it as a replacement for a 82-83 unit that are very hard to find. I know we can get crank triggers and other cas units. Again if this works it does become an option that is less expensive. As far as the cover another option is to just drill out the l28 unit.
  4. Yes you would lose the two bolts but some right stuff will seal that no problem. Yes a crank trigger would work, I'm just looking at cheaper available parts. If it works then it provides a path for 81 turbo owners who can't find 82-83 parts. You would have to be able to make a nice clean cut for sure. The overarching question is will it work.
  5. I'd seen the jeep post but not the other. My post is more specific though in using cheap factory parts.
  6. So in researching my l28et swap since I have a 81 I've been looking at distributors and oil drive shafts. I see that D21 trucks use a similar distributor. They are longer however but also use a turbo style spline shaft. Because they are longer the timing covers are a little different, where the shaft comes through at the top the hole is larger so the end of the distributor can slide down deeper to couple with the shorter drive shaft. I think the l28 shafts are 9" and the z22/z24 are 6.75". Here's the rub, the z22 timing cover is taller because the engine block is taller. If you compare the two it appears as though you could maybe cut down the taller cover to fit a l28 and then be able to use the z22/z24 parts. The z22 distributors use an optical cas like the 82-83 turbo does. One could also get a drive shaft and weld up a longer one to be used with a turbo dizzy or maybe with a spacer and a z22 dizzy. I don't have any of these parts in front of me, I'm just going off pics. I also don't know about the cap and rotor fitment, will the turbo parts fit the z22 dizzy? Anyway my mind never stops turning, its hard to go to sleep most nights especially when I have a project that intrigues me. I am planning on a trip to the jy but they only have an 85 and I'm not sure it has the dizzy I need to look at. If this works it will solve the supply issue for turbo conversion and standalone guys. Give some thoughts gentlemen.
  7. I have an 81 turbo for my transplant and would like to upgrade so I can go standalone. Thanks.
  8. Yeah the voltage fluctuates from the ecu so I'm afraid its toast. Ill look to download the fsm. I am getting another ecu but its for an 82 so I may have to play with wiring to make it work. Thanks.
  9. Can you make this work with an 81 turbo cas?
  10. I picked up a. 81 turbo car thats a daytona conversion just for the engine. My idea was to try and get it running before I pull it out. It has the clicking fuel pump relay syndrome. I checked the pin at the e cu and the voltage there is fluctuating 6-12.6. I know I can just bypass the power to the pump to try and get it going but also wondering if I'm missing something else. I don't have a FSM yet and its been a challenge to find a good diagram online that I can print. I am trying to figure out if I should look at a Z31 e cu swap, stay stock or go standalone. Right now cheaper is better but I'd rather not buy twice. 250-300rwhp sounds nice. Point me in the right direction guys.
  11. Yes he is a good guy. I've done a little work for him and bought a motorcycle from him a long time ago.
  12. Yeah I thought about BAT.
  13. I too am not a fan of the wing! I believe the kit is Ztrix and was installed by them but I'm not sure. This car sat for a long time. It was also in a divorce. The install looks good, not sure about any rust.
  14. What's this thing worth? 81 280zx with a daytona kit. Was a turbo car. It can go with no motor but with a 5 speed, no motor or trans ready for an LS or I can put an NA motor from a 76 280 in it. The interior will need to be redone as the car sat in the AZ sun. Has what looks like 3 piece wheels. There are a few cracks but all small. Any thoughts will be helpful guys. Thanks.
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