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  1. Saw that. Can also get a Kemenari(?) for a little less but thanks.
  2. The later spline drive spindle shaft 82-83.
  3. Cool, thanks. I'll check it out.
  4. I agree a 225 is not great on a 6. I ran 225/60-14 on all corners with my 260 slammed. I also had 245 on the same car in the rear. I think my slot mags were 7" though. Its getting harder to find those sizes and what you do do,d are not the best performance tires. I like the look too but if you get a much better quality tire in a narrower size you will be pleased. You get want you pay for.
  5. Contact the manufacturer and see if they can put you in touch with a customer to get feedback. I would think they would be happy to get free advertising. If not then you have more to think about in that respect.
  6. I have a set of z31 hubs of you are interested. I am in AZ. How does 50 plus shipping sound?
  7. Yes you are correct. I am shooting for 300-350 rwhp. Ill be running Nistune on a z32 ecu with a basically stock engine. I pulled the head last night because thia engine has been sitting for 17 years and I want studs. I could easily clean up the ports now. I want solid streetable power instead of a peaky dyno queen. Thanks.
  8. Turns out my turbo on my 81 has a .49 ar housing so I'm looking for something better. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  9. Carbs sold for 1250 shipped if anyone wants to know.
  10. That's a great question, especially for a guy trying to cobble something all Frankenstein together like I am.
  11. Got a distributor but still need a spindle if anyone has one. Thanks.
  12. I may have found one, ill let you know asap. Thanks.
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