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Standalone Truck Harness Fuse Relay Block Option

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I need somebody to sanity-check my potential fuse-relay block solution for my wiring harness.  I followed the LT1swap instructions the first time around, but I'm not satisfied with how it came out (more me being lazy and get-it-done-itis) and I'm trying to consolidate relays/fuses for a cleaner installation.  


I'm looking at using the Eaton Bussman 15303--2-2-4 RTMR Fuse Relay block in conjunction with the Sealed Buss Bar SBC-12 and corresponding Deutsch 12-pin connector.  This fuse/relay block would take start/run 12v through a relay and into the sealed buss, passing power to the PCM/MAF/Coils/O2/Injectors and check engine light.  The orange PCM 12v wires would receive fused 12v through the block power bus.  The fuel pump/starter/fans would all receive 12v relayed power through the block as well.  


I'm really just looking for another set of eyes to make sure my diagram is complete and I'm not missing anything obvious.  Thanks.


Fuse Relay option.jpg

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