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Hello, im planning out my build for a 1972 240z that I will be buying next month, im wanting to reinforce the Pedal box based on JohnC's recommendation, Im looking at getting the Tilton 600 3 pedal from DPRacing, im looking at part number: 72-616, but im confused on how to mount it.  So that brings me to my next question I found this Dual Master Cylinder kit im wondering if anybody has installed this before, would it replace the Master Cylinder? just very confused on the reinforcement system

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Not sure why you want to reinforce the pedal box? The firewall can flex some, but the box is pretty solid. Installing dual MCs is a different topic all together.  I don't think dual MCs are really necessary for the street, but if you really want them, the easy/cheap way is to modify the existing pedal box. You need to remove the box and cut access holes for the balance bar. Weld a bushing in the brake pedal arm, and weld a laser cut plate to the firewall with the 2 mounting holes or make the plate yourself. Easier I think than trying to fab up mounting a pedal set in an area that is difficult to access. But it has been done many times.

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